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From the bright lights and A-list stars of Broadway to the shoppers’ paradise that is the city’s enormous, swaggering department stores, New York doesn’t do things by half measures. Whether you’re catching the latest skinny-jean wearing indie band in an underground venue, boning up on culture at the city’s many world-leading museums and galleries, or catching the sun in Central Park – making sure to watch out for rollerblading locals – you’ll find excitement and entertainment on every corner. With panoramic views from the top of the city’s famed skyscrapers and a convenient Subway system under its streets, New York is breathtaking at any altitude.

Things to see

There are plenty of reasons why millions of people flock to Times Square every day, and when you stand gazing up at the familiar logos, glittering adverts and flashing lights you’ll discover just what they are. This isn’t just an advertising mainstay, , with countless huge stores and chain restaurants catering to the tourist footfall – albeit at inflated prices. For a different sort of drama – or musical, comedy or pretty much anything you can imagine – Broadway packs them in and has been doing so for decades. With guaranteed big-hitters from the most established song-writers and playwrights, and an array of elite actors battling for parts, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is how to get a ticket. To get in a truly Empire state of mind, you may also want to head to the top of the Empire State Building, where from a height of 1,250 feet you can look out on the lights of this incredible metropolis.

Hotels in New York

One of the busiest, most-visited cities on Earth, there’s no shortage of cheap hotels in New York. This being a place used to fussy customers, you can expect a good standard of room even in the budget hotels, many of which are located a little out of the tourist center of Manhattan but within easy commuting distance thanks to the Subway. Rooms should have complimentary WiFi and flat-screen televisions, and many will even come with MP3 docking stations, writing desks and premium bedding. Mid-range and cheap hotels come in various forms, from recognisable chains to boutique independent. Opting to stay outside Manhattan is often a great money-saver.

Where to stay

What with it being the focal point for many visitors’ shopping, entertainment and exploratory adventures, the area around Times Square and Broadway is the most popular spot for holidaymakers. As a result, there are plenty of hotels to choose from but even in the more basic you’ll pay a bit more for the location. Midtown East, around Grand Central Station, is a more mid-price, as well as mid-city, experience – convenient for getting around Manhattan and beyond while less costly. If you’re willing to do a bit more travelling, Brooklyn or Queens can be a great way of keeping costs down and getting a more authentic sense of New York.

How to get to

Chances are you’ll arrive at John F Kennedy Airport, in Queens. While it isn’t centrally located, there are a number of convenient options for transferring from the airport. AirTrain will shuttle you to the Subway in an efficient, and wallet-friendly fashion, and the journey from JFK to the center should take around an hour. Flights within the States tend to come into Laguardia, which is closer to the center and, with a choice of an NYC Airporter bus and a shuttle service to the main train stations you’ll find it easy to get into the heart of things. Newark Airport is also an option, being no further from Manhattan than JFK despite being in New Jersey.

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