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Flying from Bari (BRI-Karol Wojtyla)?

If you're getting a flight to or from Bari (BRI-Karol Wojtyla) why not consider staying overnight in a hotel at the airport?

There's a few benefits for an overnight hotel stay at the airport and not just because you may get a cheaper airfare.

Flying from Bari (BRI-Karol Wojtyla)?

  • Stay overnight and avoid a rushed and stressful journey to the airport
  • Most hotels will offer a free breakfast and may work out cheaper than what's available at Bari (BRI-Karol Wojtyla) - especially if you have the whole family with you
  • Stay in the hotel until nearer the time of your flight, no need to wait in the airport lounges (if available)

Flying to Bari (BRI-Karol Wojtyla)?

  • Late at night flights are normally cheaper, stay the night at a hotel and finish the rest of your journey the next day refreshed
  • Most hotels have restaurants and room service, great for late night dinner just after landing

Most accommodation near airports such as Bari (BRI-Karol Wojtyla) will have either shuttle service, taxi or buses available to and from the airport or Bari. If you're driving, check that the hotel has parking available, if not, simply pick up the car the next day.

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