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Whatever the time of year, it isn’t hard to find activities in Oslo which make the most of the dramatic landscape and temperate climate. Surrounded by fjords, mountains, and forests, Oslo enjoys a natural setting rivalled by few capital cities.

Standing on top of the Holmenkollen ski jump will give you an idea of your options for outdoor activities as well as a spectacular view. From cross-country skiing deep into the forests, to swimming in the Oslo Fjord in summer, there are plenty of ways to relax and work up an appetite. Oslo has strong culinary traditions and offers fine restaurants serving local game or fish specialities. Enjoy the city’s close proximity to water on a boat trip around the Oslo Fjord, and learn about its seafaring heritage at the Viking Ships Museum. Visit Vigeland park to see some 212 bronze and granite sculptures, and for further artistic forays, the Oslo Pass will give you access to over 30 museums and galleries.

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Oslo travel guides