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Built upon friendly reputation and gutsy outdoor spirit, not to mention a rather beautiful swathe of craggy, forested hills hugging the glorious harbour, Wellington is the perfect capital city. Small enough that it doesn’t overwhelm, Wellington still manages to pack in a buzzing cultural scene, with museums, galleries, and café-fuelled creativity. When you tire of the city scene, it couldn’t be easier to head off on an adventure – and where better to do so than Lord of the Rings country?

Things to see

If you can take your eyes off the glittering blue of the harbour, framed by forest-green hills, it’s in this waterfront city centre district that you’ll find relaxed leisure venues, top-quality restaurants, and a string of cultural attractions. The star is Te Papa Museum, world-renowned as one of the most interactive and innovative museums on the planet. In dazzling exhibits, it brings New Zealand’s history, culture and science to life – and access to the general exhibits is absolutely free. Another great family destination is Wellington Zoo, which as well as exciting animal encounters, has a serious commitment to sustainability and animal welfare, with some unique learning opportunities for children. For the best view in town, head to the top of Mount Victoria, where you’ll be able to take in the whole panorama from the viewpoint. Make sure you stop to swing high above the city on the famous tyre swing.

Hotels in Wellington

Wellington has a large and varied selection of hotels, from luxury city chic to budget backpacker.. In the luxury Wellington hotels, you’ll stay in a spacious, contemporary suite, some with spectacular views over the city. Room comforts such as minibars and newspapers are provided, with 24-hour room service on hand. There are also numerous apartment hotels available, offering a homely atmosphere, with full kitchens and living areas – ideal for families. For those sticking to a tight budget, some bright, fun hostels are available.

Where to stay

Wellington city centre has numerous hotels, clustered around the harbour, ranging from small boutique hotels to luxury, big-brand hotels. You’ll be right in the midst of Wellington’s city scene, with the cultural attractions, the buzz of the waterfront and the shopping district all close by. If you’re looking for an apartment hotel or a budget hostel, try the trendy Oriental Bay area, on the harbour’s southern edge. You’ll have access to chic harbour front restaurants and bars, while Wellington’s main attractions are within walking distance. Further south still, you’ll find a few budget hotels and motels, close to the airport.

How to get to Wellington

Wellington’s International Airport is located a short 15 minute drive from the city centre, so it’s a hassle free journey. There’s a regular airport shuttle bus which runs every 20 minutes from the terminal, as well as private hotel shuttle services offered by some of the larger hotels. Alternatively you can take a taxi or hire a car. If arriving by sea on a ferry from the South Island or Australia, you’ll dock in Wellington Harbour – quite a stunning way to be introduced to the city – while cruise ships berth at Aeota Quay, a short walk from the downtown area.

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Wellington travel guides