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Belek is a small township set on the southeast coast of Turkey, boasting year-round balmy weather and a blend of modern luxury and ancient heritage. Although a buzzing tourist hotspot - with soft green golf courses and palm-lined boulevards of designer boutiques - Belek has a thriving local culture, evident in its magical multi-coloured mosques and ancient Greco-Roman ruins. Belek also benefits from being surrounded by vast swathes of verdant greenery and rocky hills, speckled with waterfalls and rare wildlife.

Things to see

Start your bountiful sun-kissed Belek morning by visiting the nearby Aspendos theatre. This ancient amphitheatre is the last remaining ruins of the once great city Aspendos, a Grecian settlement steeped in myth and legend. The perfectly preserved amphitheatre showcases thousands of white-stone seats and columns, and is capped by a still-standing Basilica. Belek encourages the continued use of Aspendos, using it for live ballet, operatic and theatrical performances. After, spend your afternoon exploring the Kursunlu Waterfall Nature Park, which echoes with the melodious songs of over 100 species of bird. Walk through the meandering, flower-rich footpaths, through dense bright-green forestry, and discover the crashing waterfall. Settle down for a picnic beneath the shade of a pine, and watch the sunlight project rainbow patterns across the waterfall. After, wander back to Belek, visit its central silver-coloured mosque, and lay down on the soft white sands of Belek beach.

Hotels in Belek

As one of Turkey’s most affluent up-and-coming resort areas, there are many stellar 4 and 5-star Belek hotels. Platinum beachside resorts and spas provide infinitely attentive service, palm-lined courtyards, first-rate in house dining and enormous rooms complete with jacuzzi-baths, king-size beds and awe-inspiring ocean views. For those seeking a tranquil golfing holiday - with no shortage of other indulgent leisure activities - stay in one of the 4-star golf resorts. If you’re travelling on a budget, there are several traditional and independently-run 3-star hotels set in exciting urban areas.

Where to stay

The town of Belek is small, but its winding streets are strung with world-class designer boutiques, seafood restaurants and old-world outdoor cafés that tempt you with the scent of sweet mint tea. Stay here for an exciting urban getaway that also benefits from being close to the beach and the national parks. If you crave an Eden-like beachfront holiday, then stay south of the centre, where the vast unblemished white sands are strung with sleek hotels. For an endlessly romantic setting of golden buildings, cobbled streets and colourful markets, stay in the nearby city of Antalya.

How to get to Belek

Belek’s closest airport is Antalya International, which offers year-round flights to dozens of top European destination. Softly descend through the crystal-clear Turkish skies, step off the plane at Antalya, and catch a minibus or taxi. Sit back as you’re gently driven 30 minutes along the aquamarine Mediterranean coast to central Belek. Belek’s public transport system is somewhat limited, so if you’re planning to stay in the greater town area, travel around by affordable taxi. But if you want to explore the whole region and all its natural wonders, hire your own car at an inexpensive rental.



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