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Obvious icons like Big Ben and the Tower of London make up only one side of this world capital.

New York

A city whose skyline is an attraction in itself, New York lives up to its reputation as a thrilling urban playground.


It may be a cliché to think of Paris in terms of romance, but it’s hard not to be seduced by the grand 19th century boulevards and intimate dining spots strewn throughout the French capital.


The labyrinth of canals draw many to Amsterdam, while the famously laid back and bohemian atmosphere is also irresistible.


A futuristic mirage of glass and steel rising from the desert, Dubai is synonymous with high-end retail and extravagant luxury.


Ireland’s capital city is founded upon centuries of history, folk music, and a good deal of Guinness, ingredients which create pure magic.


Whether you dream of riding a Vespa through Piazza Navona, dining in a neighbourhood pizzeria with chequered tablecloths, or exploring ancient ruins, Rome surpasses expectations.


Refined and elegant with its Neo-Classical landmarks, Edinburgh also has a rowdy, raucous, and deeply Scottish streak.

Las Vegas

The moment you set foot onto the Strip, Vegas casts its spell, dazzling with gaudy illuminations, and making and breaking fortunes in mere moments.


The moment you set foot onto the Strip, Vegas casts its spell, dazzling with gaudy illuminations, and making and breaking fortunes in mere moments.


Proudly asserting itself as Britain’s second city, Birmingham’s shopping scene is well-known, but it also boasts outstanding culture.


A football mecca and a cultural hotspot, Manchester is northern England’s powerhouse, where world-renowned Old Trafford pulls in huge crowds for league games and stadium tours.

San Francisco

San Fran may have gentrified over the years, but this iconic Pacific city is still the heartland of American hippie flower-power.


One of Britain’s most exhilarating cities, Glasgow mixes architectural grandeur with characteristic grit and innovative creativity.


Whether you come to see its monuments to a turbulent history, or for the edgy bohemian vibe and punk-influenced nightlife, Berlin is an amazing city.


There is nothing quite like the feeling of punting along in a gondola, looking up at sun-speckled marble palaces as you sip a glass of Chianti.

Miami Beach

With its eternal sunshine, swathes of sandy beach, and luxury resorts, Miami Beach is a hit with celebs and spring breakers alike.


As the muezzins call hauntingly from their minarets, old men sip an early mint tea, and this city at the crossroads of the world begins to stir.


Cities don’t get much cooler than the birthplace of modern rock ‘n’ roll – but as a historic docklands, and footballing city, there’s a lot more to Liverpool than the Beatles.


This theme park metropolis has to be the ultimate family getaway. Beneath a brilliant Florida sun, you’ll be swept on high-octane adventures and wild rides.


It might have a reputation as a corporate capital, but there’s lots more to Brussels than business suits and briefcases: its chocolates and beers are legendary for a start.


Chic Marina Bay is full of futuristic architecture, like the lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum, while Singapore Zoo, with its authentic jungle environment, is one of the best on the planet.


Offbeat, industrious, and intensely innovative, it’s no wonder Bristol can count the likes of Brunel and Banksy among its home-grown talent.


A proud Yorkshire city with plenty of cosmopolitan flair, Leeds is a sprawling combination of opulent architecture and Northern soul.


Beneath neon lights, crowds surge through the streets of a sci-fi city where the looming Skytree is only one of the piercing skyscrapers to be seen.


The smart, red-brick buildings of Harvard University attract plenty of admirers, while down at the harbour, you can get a taste of wild Boston, as well as its signature lobster.


Even outside of Oktoberfest, there’s lots to recommend Munich, from the Neo-Gothic splendour of the Neues Rathaus to the sprawling greenery of Englischer Garten, the city’s central park.


The Millennium Stadium is a must, especially if you can get tickets for a Wales game, while families will want to check out the central museum as well as the restaurant-filled waterfront.

Hong Kong

Future and past collide in Hong Kong: a mix of sleek, designer shopping streets like Canton Road, and old traditions like the firing of the Noon Day Gun.


The Little Mermaid draws a constant crowd of camera-toting tourists, while pastel-hued Nyhavn is a picture-postcard port where you can visit Hans Christian Andersen’s house.


World-class museums and grand, Art Deco architecture vie to impress you, while Del Prado is one of Europe’s top art museums, with works by Velazquez and Goya.


The Old Town Square may be thronged with crowds gawping at the Astronomical Clock, and the bars may be a magnet for party animals, but Prague is still an other-worldly Gothic getaway.


Milan is a true fashion darling. Even the multi-spired Gothic Duomo is pearly-white and at the opulent La Scala you can enjoy the finest operas in Europe.


The sounds of blues and hip hop breeze through the Windy City, with freestylers entertaining passers-by in Millennium Park and musicians jamming at low key bars.


Most visitors make a beeline for Gamla Stan, with its sunset-hued townhouses and tiny cobbled streets, but adventurers should explore Stockholm’s stunning archipelago.


A Medici masterpiece, Florence strikes a pose against the hazy Tuscan landscape, a soft golden hue bathing the Gothic buildings.


York's obvious centrepiece is York Minster, a Gothic marvel and one of the largest medieval cathedrals in Europe, while the lanes of the Shambles offer a quaint shopping experience.


Don't miss the Neo-Classical grandeur of the Capitol or the sky-piercing Washington Monument, but you can also explore everything from African art to space travel at the Smithsonian Institution.


A stroll along Nice’s Promenade des Anglais is the perfect people-watching excursion where locals mix with the holidaying glam pack and beach loungers overlook the azure sea.


Even having cake and coffee in Vienna is a grand and decadent event, while the opera houses and the Hofburg Palace are among the regal landmarks to discover.


There’s always something to do, whether you’re here to lounge on a deckchair on the pebble beach, hop on the thrill rides on the Pier, or wander through the kitsch extravagance of the Royal Pavilion.


Grand temples like Wat Phra Kaew shimmer in the sun, while the mega malls of Siam Square provide air conditioned relief after the heat of Banglamphu’s thronging markets.


Forever linked with Robin Hood, a visit to Nottingham Castle is a must to bring the tales of the legendary outlaw to life but there’s a thriving contemporary scene here too.


Tradition still flows through the heart of the place, with the gabled townhouses of Romerburg particularly charming – especially when the area hosts the annual Christmas market.

Lake Buena Vista

Beyond the acres of fun in the Disney World theme parks, there’s plenty for grown-ups too, with sweeping green golf courses and luxury spas.


Budapest is renowned for its rejuvenating, health-giving thermal spas, while there are plenty of historical museums and stunning churches to keep culture-lovers happy.

Cape Town

Couched between flat-topped Table Mountain and the wild waves of the Southern Atlantic, Cape Town is a beguiling city where outdoor adventure abounds.


The twin-spired cathedral is the jewel in the crown of Cologne, and it stands right at the heart of the city, while around it, the cobbled streets have a perpetually festive atmosphere.


The iconic lake, with its jet plume, is the focus of the city, while the Old Town offers creaking medieval structures in tiny pedestrianised streets.

San Diego

Colourful attractions include Legoland and a world-famous zoo, as well as a strip of sandy beaches and perfect surf conditions for newbies and veterans alike.