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Top 10 street food destinations in the world

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From Mumbai’s crunchy bhelpuri to a simple fish sandwich in Istanbul, street food adds flavour to your trip. Follow this guide to the top 10 street food destinations in the world to help you choose where to book your hotel.

Chaat in Mumbai

Mumbai is famed for its chaat – street snacks usually made up of hollow dough spheres crunched with tangy tamarind, chopped chilli and diced tomato, best experienced on Chowpatty Beach in the evenings. Office-going Mumbaikars love pav bhaji (bread with chickpea curry) on their way to work, from stalls around Fort area. Sample all at the bustling café Swati Snacks.

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Herring in Amsterdam

Fish stalls dot central Amsterdam serving up maatjesharing, salted herring with chopped onion and gherkin. For another fishy experience try paling – smoked eel – at the Organic Farmers’ Market.

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Tacos in Mexico City

After the bars, head to taquerías stands to for a late-night taco before heading back to your Mexico City hotel. The speedy taquero will cook up sizzling beef with chopped onion, slavered with salsa and wrapped up in soft tortilla, a satisfying way to end the night.

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Fish sandwich in Istanbul

Bobbing fishing boats in Eminönü’s harbour cook up a famous Istanbul snack. Ottoman-clad cooks grill fillets of mackerel, slapped into a slab of white bread. Add a few slices of raw onion, a token tomato and a scattering of salt for a perfect cheap lunch.

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Char kway teow in Singapore

The food stalls at indoor hawker centres make Singapore one of the top 10 street food destinations in the world. Char kway teow, a noodle dish with prawns, sausage and egg, is a local favourite, or you could try tangy laksa soup.

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Koshary in Cairo

In Cairo’s ancient streets, this classic Egyptian dish is a hearty mix of pasta, rice, black lentils and chickpeas topped with chilli sauce and crispy fried onions. Dine in or take away from the Abou Tarek café.

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Oysters in Whitstable

The Kent coastal town with pastel-hued cottages is synonymous with oysters, exported from here for centuries. Stroll along the seafront to sample the seafood delicacy in the many cafés and restaurants. In summer months, buy from the beachfront marketplace. 

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Crêpes in Paris

These warm, crisp pancakes freshly made on a street-side Paris stand are as delicious whether eaten simply with a dusting of sugar or filled with melted cheese and ham. They are usually folded into quarters and eaten with your hands. 

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Pretzels in New York

Whether you’re at the ball game, emerging from a museum or need a post-shopping pick-me-up, these warm doughy snacks are at most streets carts in Manhattan – just look out for the stripy umbrellas. 

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Green papaya salad in Bangkok

In a city where street food stalls are some of the best places to eat, shredded young papaya goes down a treat when mixed up with dried shrimp, sour lime and crunchy peanuts. Wash down with a fresh juice on hot humid days. 

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