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Where to eat in Auckland – a food and dining guide

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You might find it hard to choose your favourite place to dine in Auckland – there’s definitely no shortage of culinary corners here. For outstanding seafood, head to the waterfront, with both Wynyard Quarter and Viaduct Harbour boasting more than their fair share of quality fish restaurants. Away from the water, supplement your meal with a splash of cabaret on Karangahape Road or dine and shop in Ponsonby or Parnell.

Mike Watt

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Auckland (NZ)

Local New Zealand cuisine has traditionally been British-based, evolving with Mediterranean and Pacific Rim influences to create a unique range of flavors and food styles. Lamb and venison are popular New Zealand meats, whereas Auckland’s ever-present coast infuses restaurant menus with local seafood such as crayfish, mussels and scallops.


Wynyard Quarter


Diners are spoilt for choice in the Wynyard Quarter, a waterfront lined with a selection of cuisines including Spanish, Italian and Indian, plus quality steaks and seafood.  Find fresh Thai flavors, ‘Deep South’ American dishes and authentic pizzas on Jellicoe Street, with The Conservatory serving brunch platters by the sea front and gastropub Jack Tar delighting diners with gourmet pizza and sizzling steaks. Introducing a touch of exotica to the quarter is Urban Turban, an understated eatery bringing a taste of Bombay to Auckland. Also on Jellicoe Street you’ll find Auckland Fish Market, selling fresh fish and offering a selection of dining options.


• The Conservatory, East 1, 1-17 Jellicoe Street. Tel: +64 9 307 2222• Jack Tar, 34-47 Jellicoe Street. Tel: +64 9 303 1002• Urban Turban, 39 Jellicoe Street. Tel: +64 9 309 9990• Auckland Fish Market, 22-32 Jellicoe Street. Tel: +64 9 379 1490


Viaduct Harbour


Known for its buzzing nightlife, Viaduct Harbour features a scattering of stylish yachts surrounded by several of Auckland’s top dining spots. Taking advantage of the fresh local catches, Kermadec restaurant is renowned for its seductive seafood dishes including roasted scampi and living oysters with chardonnay vinegar. Highlighting a quirkier side to the harbor is The Foodstore, where an open kitchen allows diners to watch their food being prepared, with local seafood specialties such as Clevedon oysters and whitebait fritters on offer.


• Kermadec, 1st Floor Viaduct Quay. Tel: +64 9 304 0454• The Foodstore, Market Square. Tel: +64 9 377 0125




This designer label shopping precinct is home to some of the hippest bars and restaurants in the city.  The chic surroundings house gourmet hotdog joints and pizza houses that provide the perfect tasty pick-me-up inbetween shopping jaunts.  Ambient restaurant Mexico dishes up classic Latin American flavors for those who love their grub with an added kick, whereas Brew on Quay exudes British charm with its traditional pub dishes and vast selection of beers. For a little sophistication, find cute café L’Assiette, serving authentic French salads, cakes and pastries.


• Mexico, 23 Britomart Place. Tel: +64 9 366 1759• Brew on Quay, 102 Quay Street. Tel: +64 9 302 2085• L’Assiette, 9 Britomart Place. Tel: +64 9 309 0961


Karangahape Road


Vibrant and eclectic, ‘K’Road’ is celebrated for its lively nightlife, flamboyant culture and diverse cuisine. This is dining at its most exciting, especially if you choose to eat at a venue like Caluzzi Bar and Cabaret – where meals are accompanied by an outrageous drag performance. Entertainment aside, K’Road boasts some of Auckland’s most unusual eateries; Hard Luck Café declares itself an ‘anti-restaurant’, with no table service and outright odd décor, yet tasty and informal food. Ipanema Food & Art Society is another interesting option – a Brazilian restaurant serving delectable tapas and dainty main dishes bursting with flavor.


• Caluzzi Bar and Cabaret, 461 Karangahape Road. Tel: +64 9 309 0961• Hard Luck Café, Unit 103/150 Karangahape Road. Tel: +64 9 377 2870• Ipanema Food & Art Society, 2 Ponsonby Road. Tel: +64 9 360 0655




Ponsonby is appropriately nicknamed ‘the dining room of Auckland’, for its sophisticated blend of fine dining, cafes and fresh food shops. Ponsonby Central is the local foodie hub; a mouthwatering mix of restaurants showcasing global cuisines plus a produce market selling fresh meats, fish, dairy and much more.  Just down the road, Lulu’s is a friendly little café for breakfast or brunch, and SPQR is a popular eatery dishing up Italian-fusion cuisine with European-style pavement seating.


• Ponsonby Central, 136-138 Ponsonby Road. Tel: +64 9 376 8300• Lulu’s, 171 Ponsonby Road. Tel: +64 9 378 9679• SPQR, 150 Ponsonby Road. Tel: +64 9 360 1710