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Where to stay in Chicago – a neighborhood guide

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The best places to stay are in the Loop District in downtown Chicago, where you’ll find most of the major sights and attractions. Chicago is a large city, however, and offers much more than just a bustling downtown district. For a spot of tranquillity and seclusion, you may prefer to stay within the lush scenery surrounding the Chicago O’Hare Airport.

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The skyscrapers corporate headquarters delineate the area of the Loop District - the heart of the downtown area, named so because of the train-line loop that encircles it. This part of the city is always exciting and bustling with locals rushing off to work, drinking coffee at cafés, or taking in the sights.


Hotels in the Loop


Many of hotels here will come at a steep price but they are certainly worth the value; they provide a retreat within the noise and the buzz of downtown Chicago. Magnificent Mile is the main shopping avenue and runs along downtown. Other attractions include the imperious Sears Tower, Grant Park, and Buckingham Fountain.




The Westside of Chicago is probably the city’s most diverse quarter. This side of Chicago is full of ethnic restaurants, shops, murals, and monuments. The Pilsen neighborhood, just northwest of Chinatown in Bridgeport, is a classic example of Chicagoan diversity. As the traditional entry point for immigrants, there are a particularly high number of offbeat vintage shops and restaurants serving eclectic cuisine.


Hotels in Westside


If you’re looking for a convenient spot to stay but don’t want to shell out the prices that a downtown hotel would demand, then you may prefer to stay in the colourful and vibrant neighborhoods of the near-west.




Just north of Downtown is Uptown Chicago - a hip and laidback district of the city filled with cultural allure.  Close by is also the lovely residential neighborhood of the Hutchinson Street District. To the east of Uptown are miles upon miles of beach; Montrose Beach on Lake Shore Drive is one of the more popular spots.


Hotels in Uptown


Anyone looking to stay near to live entertainment would be well-advised to stay here, with jazz clubs dotted all over Uptown and theaters on Broadway. The Uptown area is characterised by ornate and captivating Art Deco architecture, like the arch over the original entrance to Wilson Red Line Station.




Tranquil and secluded, O’Hare is a great place for an alternative stay in Chicago. It isn’t too far from Downtown Chicago either, as the CTA Blue Line ensures a good transport link to the urban heart of the city. This area is a great place for anyone looking for relaxation and high-end luxury and is ideal for businessmen, with many conferences held here in hotel meeting rooms.


Hotels in O’Hare


There are some excellent hotels near to Chicago O’Hare Airport, which offer an opportunity to stay in one of the rural areas of Chicago. Many of the hotels here take full advantage of the relative tranquillity and greenery of the area and are often secluded in a gorgeous, colourful garden.