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Where to shop in Krakow – where to go and what to buy

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Shopping in Krakow is rather varied. When you imagine shopping in this Eastern European city, medieval style markets in town squares spring to mind, selling quirky items perfect for souvenirs. Markets are still a central point to lots of areas in the city. Flea markets are a great place to visit for trinkets, memorabilia and odd war items. There are also large glass shopping malls offering the latest in designer fashion.

Pawel Sacha

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Old Town


Pasaz 13, situated in the Old Town, is an exclusive shopping center full of up-market items. Ironically, the modern and well-designed mall is actually housed within two very old houses. If you’re looking for a little something special to take back home for a loved one, head here. Top designer brands can also be found here as well as ‘one off’ shops with elegant deigns. Downstairs is a bar and a deli to help refuel after a day’s shopping, full of Italian coffee, pastries, wine, paninis, while the deli has traditional Italian meats, cheese and chocolates. But don’t miss out on the markets in Rynck’s main square either for a real Polish experience.


Jewish neighborhood


If ever there was a flea market to end all flea markets, this is it, known as the Great Polish Flea Market. With reams and reams of stalls, you are sure to find the perfect trinket to take home for that quirky friend. With relics of the Great War, postcards, cameras, antique tea cups, badges, brass work and all other items of Polish memorabilia. Don’t be surprised to see small brass busts of Stalin, and even Hitler. Head here on Saturdays and Sunday when it’s at its best.




Located in the southern part of Krakow, is the Bonarka City Center, which is a shopping mall. Opened in 2009, this relatively new shopping mall was built to restore the area. Before, the area was an industrial complex. The contemporary building, full of glass and different colored signs beams modernity. With over 300 shops, eateries and plenty of services, this shopping center certainly changed the area and provides reason for tourists to flock here.


Nowa Huta


This area of Krakow is not really known for its shopping experiences. However, if you are looking for some retail therapy the best places to head are Central Square and Roses Avenue, which is the central area of Nowa Huta. Roses Avenue is the grand promenade, which lasts for four blocks. It is actually nicknamed the ‘road to where’ which is typical of the Stalin style in which Nowa Huta is built. Along here are one off gift and bookshops, selling hand painted ceramic plates with 1950s interiors and furnishings, taking you back 60 years to a dated Poland. It also sells sheepskins, lacework and the famous Polish Boleslawiec pottery (mainly blue and white painted) which is sold very cheaply here.




Whilst in Zwierzyniec, which is mainly full of forests, is the rather large Jubilat trading house. Located on the Vistula River, near the castle, the Jubilat covers over 6,800 square meters full of shops and a food court. There are also food stalls offering a wide range of different cuisines to help you power through a shopping trip. There are three milk bars (traditional cafés) here too, so don’t miss out on visiting one, which are very popular with the locals. Clothing shops stock well-known reputable brands too.


Shopping tips: Don’t forget to carry cash with you whilst exploring the markets and probably for some of the side street shops too. Have a go at bartering in flea markets and suggesting a price you think is appropriate – the worst that can happen is a ‘No’! Most malls will accept a wide range of credit and debit cards.