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Nightlife & Entertainment in Jaipur

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Once the sun sets on this pink city, other colours begin to shine, glow a multitude of hues in the balmy night air. From traditional performance art shows, such as puppetry and theatre, to posh cocktails at opulent, Colonial-style bars, Jaipur nightlife is exotic and beguiling.


Cultural shows


To experience the essence of Jaipur culture, an evening light and sound show or theatre production is a must. With performances set to haunting music, spaces across the city play host to the old tales of Rajasthan, with artists demonstrating crafts and skills learned over centuries.


Ravindra Manch


This eclectic community theatre puts on prominent festivals, student shows, and everything in-between, providing audiences with an authentic experience of Jaipur theatre culture. Evening events also regularly include folk music concerts and Rajasthani comedy skits, so it’s a great place to visit for a spontaneous night of performances.


Ram Niwas Gardens, Jaipur 302004. Tel: +91 141 434 6630


Ravindra Manch website


Amber Fort


Well worth a daytime visit to see the incredible architecture, the Amber Fort is even more enchanting at night, when the majestic setting becomes a backdrop for stunning light and sound shows, telling the turbulent history of Jaipur and the fort through music, puppetry, dance and storytelling.


Amber Fort Road, Jaipur 302002. Tel: +91 141 253 0293


Amber Fort website




Whether you want a quick pint in a quirky pub or a long, slow cocktail in a glamorous bar, Jaipur has a range of laid-back venues for an evening tipple. Many of the more upmarket and Western offerings are found within the big hotels, offering top-notch service and a wide choice of drinks.
The Polo Club


Nowhere has more of an old fashioned atmosphere than Jaipur’s well-to-do Polo Club. Whether you’re coming in from cheering on a championship game out in the fields, or you just visit for evening drinks, it has a multicultural, elite air about it, and some excellent cocktails to ease you into the night.


Taj Rambagh Palace, Bhawani Singh Road, Jaipur 302004. Tel: +91 141 222 7375


The Polo Club website


Dance clubs


Jaipur may be better known for traditional folk dancing than Western-style nightclubs, but beyond the resort hotels, one or two dance clubs have popped up, providing a mix of Indian and Western music to get your groove on to. Some also have restaurants onsite, so you can dine first, then party.




Jaipur’s biggest and best-known independent nightclub, Angara is a favourite of young Jaipur party people and tourists alike. It has a capacity of 400 people, and the dance floor soon heats up after dark, glittering with disco lights. It also features a quirky vintage-car themed bar and restaurant.


F-23-D, Malviya Industrial Area, Jaipur 302017 . Tel: +91 141275 1465




Catching a film in India is unlike a movie experience anywhere else in the world - audience participation is part of the show, with the melodrama and singing of Bollywood productions spilling out of the screen and into the crowd. It makes for a dazzling evening of entertainment.


Raj Mandir


As flamboyant and colourful in its architecture and decor as the Bollywood films it puts on, the Raj Mandir is Jaipur’s premier cinema. From the ostentatious, Art Deco inspired lobby, with outsized chandeliers and a marshmallow-pink mezzanine, this place is all about the razzle-dazzle. The cinema screens are no less showy, and the films even more so.


C-16, Bhagwan Das Road, Jaipur 302001. Tel: +91 141 237 4694


Raj Mandir website