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The Best Hotels in Warsaw

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Best Hotels in Warsaw

How to find the best Warsaw Hotels with

It is so easy to find your ideal hotel room in Warsaw with We know how important getting the right accommodation for your trip to Warsaw is, so we have created a superb range of the top Warsaw Hotels for you to choose from. No matter whether you are on a sight seeing trip by yourself, travelling with a group of friends on a foodie tour, or seeking a romantic cultural week away with your partner, our varied collection of Warsaw Hotels is sure to have plenty to inspire you. So that you can be fully informed when you book, we ensure that all of the hotels in this list are accompanied by sets of photographs which show you just what your hotel and its rooms will look like. In addition, you can read reviews and ratings of each hotel, written by other users of who have stayed there previously. Thus, you have all that you need to book your hotel room with the utmost confidence. The Polish capital is famous for its museums, its great food, and its night life too, so there is something in Warsaw to suit every type of visitor. Go on a sight seeing tour, or just relax, eat and drink and party to your heart's content.

What's Warsaw like?

As the largest city in Poland, Warsaw holds plenty for the traveller to discover. This city has lots of museums and art galleries, from the collection of Old Masters in the Wilanow Palace to the world's first Poster Museum. Make sure to visit the Ujazdów Castle, a seventeenth century building which is home to the Chopin Museum. The Warsaw Uprising Museum and the Museum of the History of Polish Jews are two of the most significant museums in the city, commemorating the history of Warsaw throughout the twentieth century and beyond. There are also several quirky places to visit, such as the small but fascinating Museum of Caricature. When it comes to food, Warsaw is a great place to try all different kinds of dishes. Try beetroot soup, plum vodka, traditional Polish dumplings (pierogi), pickled cabbage soup and other classics of Polish cuisine, or branch out into the modern vegan and cosmopolitan restaurants that are dotted throughout the city streets.

How to get along with the locals in Warsaw

Polish has a polite way of addressing people, which you will hear very often when you visit Warsaw: men are referred to as 'Pan' ('sir') and women as 'Panie' ('madam') much more often than they are referred to as 'sir' and 'madam' in the UK. So, if you are hiring a taxi, for instance, you will address your taxi driver as Pan or Panie, and they will do likewise to you. There is no need to tip when visiting Warsaw, though you can do so if the service you received in a restaurant or bar was exceptional. One word that you can learn is 'dobry' which means 'good'. Was the food you just ate good? Why not thank the restaurant owner by saying 'jest dobry' ('yest DOBree', 'it's good'). Or if it is really good, you can say 'jest bardzo dobry' - 'it is very good'! You will also hear the word 'dobry' in greetings, for instance 'dobranoc' ('dobranots') is 'good night'. At, we are experts in all aspects of travel to Warsaw, from its cuisine to its attractions, so why not make the most of our expertise by booking one of our Warsaw Hotels?

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