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Manchester Airport – find the best hotels

Manchester is a great place to go no matter who you go with or why you go. The city of Manchester offers many interesting activities, and the countryside surrounding the city is beautiful. Being home to one of the biggest names in UK football, Manchester is a location that should not be missed while traveling in Europe.

Where to stay – Book hotels near Manchester airport

Finding a place to stay in Manchester is quite simple. You can choose to either book an airport hotel in Manchester, or you can venture out a bit from the airport itself and enjoy some of what the individual neighbourhoods have to offer.
The Manchester airport hotels are a convenient option. With many great hotels situated just a few miles from the airport, you will find a wide variety of room rates and room styles, leaving you with plenty to choose from. The city centre is just a 25-minute ride from the airport in one of the local taxis or a short trip on the tram line, making it easy to gain complete access to all of Manchester.
For those who wish to stay closer to the action, there are also plenty of wonderful hotels on the outskirts of Manchester, or in the city centre, that put you near all the city’s museums, restaurants, night-life offerings, theatres and shopping.
Deciding whether to venture into the city or stay close to the airport will mostly depend on your purpose for travelling and the length of your visit. At we can help you find the best hotels near Manchester airport and the surrounding areas.

Things to do in the city

Many attractions can be found both inside and outside of the city, including an ancient library, great museums, sightseeing trips, activities for the kids, top-rated theatres and much more. Manchester is home to some of the best nightlife in Northern England as well.
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Manchester offers many great shopping opportunities, including outlets, designer shops, shopping malls and small boutiques. Most of the best shopping that you will find in the city takes place on High Street. The most popular shopping centre found on High Street is a very large shopping mall called The Trafford Centre, which is host to many big-name stores, restaurants and a cinema. You don’t have to go to High Street to do your shopping, though. There are department stores and designer outlets in other areas of the city as well.


Many first-class restaurants are available to those looking for fine dining, but there plenty of good options for all travel budgets. In short, there is something for everyone in Manchester, with a plethora of big-name restaurants, small cafes, bars and pubs.
The Albert Square Chophouse and the Hard Rock Café are both great choices when you are in the mood for some of the more classic offerings such as steak, sandwiches, pizza and beer on tap. It’s best to come to these restaurants hungry because the servings are generally quite large.
For health-conscious travellers, or those with very specific dietary needs, there are various vegan and vegetarian restaurants found in Manchester. Some of the most well-known are Health Kicks, which is located just down the road from the Crossford Bridge Playing Fields, Kosmos Taverna, found in the same neighbourhood as University of Manchester, and a vegetarian Chinese restaurant located just south of the city centre named Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen. All of which offer unique, healthy menus that are sure to please.
When it’s time for tea, give Hey Little Cupcake or Teacup Cakery a try. Then, at the end of the day, you can pay a visit to one of the local micro-breweries like The Clarence or Irwell Works Brewery.


No trip to Manchester would be complete without stopping by one of the many museums in the city. From historic museums to modern, and from natural sciences to technology, you will find a museum that captures your imagination while teaching you something new.
The Manchester Museum is a good choice if you are looking for exhibits centred on natural history and anthropological science. It is a simple task getting to Manchester Museum because it is located very near the city centre. You will find the museum situated directly opposite The University of Manchester Careers Service, on Oxford RD.
The Museum of Science and Industry, located in the city centre near St. John’s Gardens, is quite eye-opening as it showcases many relics from the industrial revolution and from the early days of train use and motorized transportation. Seeing the old automobiles and train cars is an interesting way to see just how far our technology has come in the past hundred or so years.
For all the football fans out there, the National Football Museum is a must-see, and a great place to go after enjoying a meal at the local Hard Rock Café. The museum is right downtown, making it very easy to stop in for a fascinating afternoon of sports history. You will find a wealth of information on the history of the sport, including famous games, popular players throughout time and how the game’s popularity has grown over the years.

Family friendly

When travelling with your family, you will be able to enjoy a host of special activities in and around Manchester. One popular destination is Blackpool Pleasure Beach. This famous amusement park is home to many great rides and a lot of fantastic shows that the whole family can enjoy.
Knowsley Safari, situated between Manchester and Liverpool, is an educational activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. This large animal park is a pleasant way for you and the kids to see more than 700 animals living in the wild. The whole trip only takes a couple of hours, and you will get the chance to see much of the beautiful scenery surrounding Manchester along the way.
No matter which of these activities you decide to do, your kids will thank you for letting them experience the fun to be had while visiting Manchester.

Season & weather – When to visit Manchester

If you are trying to decide when to plan your trip, you should consider booking during the summer months. A typical summer day in Manchester offers temperatures is between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius during the day. Also, there are many activities to take part in during these months, such as the Manchester Jazz Festival which is held in July, an urban garden festival near the shopping district which takes place in August, as well as many other music and food festivals that can be enjoyed by the whole family.
Not everyone prefers the summer months. Many who go to Manchester in winter go to enjoy the cool, crisp, humid air that the season brings. The winter months, particularly around the Christmas season, also feature some wonderful Christmas festivals and markets which provide a window into the history and culture of the area.
Deciding when to go depends on the type of climate you prefer and the kinds of activities you are interested in. If you don’t mind cooler temperatures and enjoy the mood that the winter season brings to the city, the winter months can be lovely. If you prefer warmer weather and plan to get involved in some of the street festivals, Manchester during the summertime is an absolute pleasure.

Getting around in Manchester

When you are spending time in the city of Manchester, you have a couple of very good transportation methods to choose from. One is the Tram, or Metrolink as it is called in Manchester. The Metrolink runs through the city centre and intersects with all the major train lines in the area. This is a great mode of transport to use when going from one of the famous tourist destinations in the city to the next, and it is also good for people taking a quick trip around the city while they are waiting for a flight at the nearby airport. If you are staying at an airport hotel in Manchester, the Metrolink is probably the most opportune way to get from your hotels in Manchester airport to the city centre.
Black Taxis are another great choice. These can be booked at the airport, as well as anywhere else in the city. Taxis are perfect for those who know exactly where they are going and want to get there in the most stress-free way possible. It is possible to get a Black Taxi at any time, day or night, making them the best option for late-night outings in the city.

Manchester facts

• Language: English • Time zone: UTC+1 • Currency: Pound sterling • Drinking water: Safe to drink • Power source: UK-style electrical outlets, powered by 220V. • Emergency aid number: 999

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