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What to see and do – Cappadocia’s top attractions

In this visually spectacular region, the fairytale, chimney-esque rock formations and undulating caves undeniably steal the show. Tourists take in the unique sights of these bizarre landscapes in a variety of ways, most famously by floating over them in a hot-air balloon. Hiking and trekking are other options, as well as mountain biking and horse riding. However, there are many other attractions and sightseeing opportunities in Cappadocia, aside from its obvious natural splendor.

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Where to stay – the accommodation hubs of the Cappadocia region

Due to its fantastical, escapist essence, coupled with its status as a prime honeymoon destination, accommodation options in Cappadocia are mainly restricted to hotels of various types. Hostels, guesthouses and apartments are seldom found, but the sheer variety of hotels means that there is always an option suitable for every traveler, from the fussiest luxury-seeker to the shoestring backpacker.

Where to shop – retail therapy in Cappadocia

By far the best way to shop in Cappadocia is to grab a map, set aside a few hours, and hit the street markets, which never fail to entice with their seductive colors and captivating scents. However, there is also a vast array of options for those who desire a more structured retail experience, with countless boutiques and charming little shops hidden around every street corner. Like everything else here, shopping in Cappadocia is a laidback and relaxing pastime, guaranteed to leave you satisfied and rejuvenated.

Where to eat – Cappadocia’s tastiest dining destinations

When it comes to gastronomy in Cappadocia, it’s safe to say that the choices are focused mainly on traditional, Turkish fare. Luckily, the Turks are purveyors of cuisine of the most mouth-watering variety, and Cappadocia boasts some of the country’s finest chefs. Prepared using local ingredients and a vibrant array of spices, the region’s Turkish food is fresh, varied and exciting, from the delicious Sarma (stuffed vine leaves) to the culinary excitement of Meze.

A visitor’s guide to Cappadocia: Breathtaking cave-formations, laidback locals, rustic charm and a whole lot of adventure...

The word ‘unique’ takes on a new meaning when applied to the striking region of Cappadocia. Settled within the surreal landscape of sandstone caves and volcanic peaks, the rocky terrain of this region is ideal for adventure-sports. However, journey further into the central towns and the pace of life is tranquil and leisurely, with colorful markets and an array of charming cafes and restaurants. It is impossible not to be swept away in the beautiful atmosphere and underlying verve of Cappadocia – a true destination with a difference.

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