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Byron Bay City Guide - More than Sun, Sand, and Surf

Think of Byron Bay and you probably picture waves rolling onto the fine sand of seemingly endless beaches. What distinguishes Australia’s eastern-most tip from the many other scenic coastal spots is the town’s unique laid-back vibe. Byron Bay offers you a singular cocktail of natural beauty mixed with beach culture, New Age philosophies, and hedonistic indulgence.

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From Camping Grounds to 5-Stars - Finding the Right Place to Stay in Byron Bay

The wide range of options in and around Byron Bay makes it easy to find the right accommodation for your needs. Whether you’re a backpacker looking to party, you’re after a beachside apartment for the family, or you’d like to rejuvenate at a secluded spa, the region offers it all.

From Surfboards to Incense - Shopping in Byron Bay

As well as natural beauty, great restaurants, and lots to do, Byron Bay offers a shopping experience like no other. The area is home to a flourishing arts and crafts scene, a thriving holistic well-being community, and lots of organic food producers. You’ll find a dazzling array of locally made jewelry, clothes, and homewares, as well as plenty to tempt your palate.

What to See and Do in Byron Bay - Between the Ocean Floor and the Mountain Top

Byron Bay’s beaches are certainly its main attraction. Longboard surfers first discovered the destination in the 1960s, attracted by good waves, unspoiled natural beauty, and a relaxed feel. If you do get tired of fine white sand and clean, cool surf, there’s plenty more to keep you occupied. You can walk, cycle, dive, and paddle to Byron Bay’s highlights, and afterwards simply kick back and soak up the chilled vibe.

Byron Bay Nightlife and Entertainment - Lively Bars, Music, and Movies

One great way to spend an evening in Byron Bay is on the beach, listening to the waves roll in and watching the lighthouse cast its beam over the ocean. But if you’d like something more sociable, whether it’s a beer in a lively pub or signature cocktails in a cool bar, pulsating dance beats or a rocking live band, Byron Bay makes for a great night out.

Fun for the Whole Family - Your Vacation with the Kids in Byron Bay

With beautiful, safe beaches, lots to do and see, and a kid-friendly atmosphere, Byron Bay is a paradise for families. You can paddle a kayak and get up close to dolphins, learn to surf or ride a skateboard, try your hand at circus stunts, or simply have fun on the sand. And when you’re hungry, there are lots of restaurants that cater specially to families.

Fertile Ground - A Guide to Arts and Culture in and Around Byron Bay

Byron Bay has long been a magnet for a diverse spectrum of creative cultures. The “Rainbow Region” was the birthplace of Australia’s hippy movement, and artists have been attracted to the area by its inspiring natural beauty and relaxed vibe. There are festivals scattered throughout the year, and artists’ studios and galleries dotted around the area.

Eating Out in Byron Bay - From Funky Cafés to Oceanfront Haute Cuisine

Byron Bay’s singular mélange of laid-back beach vibe, colourful individuality, and chic urban influence is reflected in its food. With an array of farms and orchards in the fertile surrounding countryside, and fresh fish on the doorstep, most restaurants and cafés emphasize locally sourced, seasonal produce. The impressive range of dining options means travellers, from backpackers to the well-heeled, will find eats to suit both wallet and palate.

Useful Tips - Getting the Most From Your Byron Bay Vacation

Byron Bay is famous for surf, sand, and sun, and for its dazzling coastal scenery. What sets Australia’s easternmost tip apart from other beach towns however, is its particular laid-back vibe. Its heritage as a counterculture capital means you’ll be able to enjoy a vast selection of cafés and restaurants, a thriving cultural scene, an array of alternative philosophies, and bustling nightlife - as well as superb beaches.

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