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Travel Tips to Tenerife - More Than Just Beaches

Famous for beaches and a vibrant nightlife, Tenerife also has much to offer culturally, including 2 UNESCO-listed sites and a biosphere reserve. Mild winters make swimming, sunbathing, hiking, and cycling all-year activities. Tenerife has long been a popular winter destination for water sports, and it is now catching on with golfers too. Hotels vary from luxury and rural retreats, to family-friendly resorts, and boutique hotels.

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Tenerife Nightlife - Dance Clubs to Santa Cruz Café Bars

The south of Tenerife is famous for loud, youth-orientated clubs and bars. If these aren’t your style, there is a myriad other options, from fine dining to sunset cruises. Nightlife in the north of the island is more local and sophisticated.

Family Activities in Tenerife - From Mount Teide to Pine Forest Picnics

Tenerife's mild climate facilitates a host of family activities all-year-round. You can choose between a visit to Teide National Park or take a whale and dolphin trip out to sea. A bevy of museums, theme parks, hiking trails, water sports, and zoos also offer fun times in the sun. It is worth noting that most restaurants are family-friendly.

Tenerife's Arts and Culture - Carnival, Museums, and Folklore

Art and culture flourish on Tenerife, but are probably missed by most tourists, who come to flee the cold for the island's year-round sunshine. Many cultural events are aimed at locals, but visitors always receive a warm welcome. Tenerife's distance from the mainland has created a unique culture within Spain, and Canarians are happy to share it.

Where to stay in Tenerife – a guide to the best places to stay on the Island of Eternal Sunshine

Most holiday-makers are drawn to the islands southern tourist hubs; attracted by the allure of the luxury resorts, attractions, entertainment and lively nightlife. For those who want a quieter escape the northern and western coasts are home to some hidden jewels. 

Tenerife shopping guide – where to shop and what to buy

Tenerife has plenty to keep shoppers happy no matter what you’re looking for. There are plenty of vibrant markets brimming with fresh produce and an array of goods, as well as large shopping centers full with quality names and high street brands. Tenerife is also a duty free zone which means prices are a lot cheaper than many other places in the world.

Where to eat in Tenerife – a food and dining guide

One of Tenerife’s most important cultural features is its delicious cuisine. The best way to experience Tenerife’s tasty treasures is to explore away from the main Southern tourist hubs in search of the plethora of fresh food and wine on offer. Tenerife is known for creative and innovative dishes, the products of a jumble of cultures: African, Indigenous Guanche, European and Latin American. A typical dish to try would be a hearty stew with a delicious and fresh vegetable side, traditional tapas or some of the island’s world renowned seafood. 

What to see and do in Tenerife – a guide to the Tenerife’s most popular attractions and must-see landmarks

Tenerife’s location off the west coast of Africa affords it an enviable climate making it a fantastic destination for outdoor pursuits. The majority of the cultural attractions, including historic towns brimming with architecture and tropical gardens, are for the most part located on the north of the island, whereas adventure parks and aquatic activities are found in the south. Venture into the center of the island and the impressive Teide National Park awaits your exploration. 

A guide to Tenerife – culture, carnival, sunshine, sandy beaches and dramatic volcanic landscapes

With pristine beaches to make every sun worshipper’s jaw drop, luxurious resorts, fine dining and exhilarating nightlife, it’s easy to see how Tenerife, or the ‘Island of Eternal Sunshine’, has become one of the world’s most popular resort islands. Those with a sense of adventure or a thirst for culture will not be left disappointed. Not to be overlooked is the rich cultural history of the island. Alongside water sports, whale and dolphin watching and family fun, Tenerife is home to the second largest carnival on Earth, the third largest volcano, and beautiful old towns steeped in history – each region offering something new to draw you in.

A Tenerife travel guide – otherworldly landscapes, volcanic beaches and fiestas for ever

Holidays in Tenerife go beyond winter sun and pulsating nightlife. Book a Tenerife hotel to discover clifftop villages and subtropical valleys, dramatic Atlantic beaches and a sleeping beauty of a volcano.

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