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A Manali City Guide – a high-up mountain town popular with free spirits, honeymooners and adventurers

Brimming with couples enjoying the refreshing mountain air, travellers seeking the 1970s hippy hill station vibe and outdoor enthusiasts heading to the mountain trails come sun or snow, Manali’s a top tourist destination nestled in the mountainous Kullu Valley high above sea level. Surrounded by lush green fields and orchards, frothing rivers and tall pine forests, it’s the perfect place for trekking, snow-time adventures, or just chilling out in the cooling Himalayan atmosphere.

Where to Stay in Manali – a neighbourhood guide

Manali’s the sort of place where you can relax for hours listening to travellers’ stories with a cup of chai to hand, or head out to the snowy mountains for some adventure sports. Plenty of hotels cater to the stream of backpackers heading to Old Manali or the other hillside villages, and there’s a selection of more upmarket accommodation options thanks to the town’s popularity with Indian tourists.

Manali Shopping Guide – where and what to shop and buy

Thanks to its high-up spot in the Himalayas, Manali’s markets and shops are brimming with cosy scarves, jumpers, and fabrics to snuggle up next to on those chilly mountain nights. As it's a prime tourist spot, you’ll find stores selling all manner of rustic, locally crafted souvenirs and trinkets, perfect for spending your rupees on, as well as plenty of bohemian jewellery and clothing shops.

What to See and Do in Manali – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

High-up in Himachal Pradesh, surrounded by snowy mountains, pine tree-filled woodland and fruit-laden orchards, this refreshing Indian hill town is a honeymooner’s oasis, with plenty of Indian newlyweds seeking romance in the mountains. Of course, it’s every bit as popular with outdoor enthusiasts as it is with weary travellers seeking some cooling respite from India’s sticky lowlands, with attractions ranging from hiking trails and ski spots to sleepy hillside villages and thermal springs.

Where to Eat in Manali – a food and dining guide

You might be surprised by the sheer choice of cuisine on offer in Manali. Thanks to its popularity with domestic tourists as well as foreign travellers, this mountain town has a vast array of cafés and restaurants. As with most Indian towns, some of the best deals can be found on the street and at the bazaar, but for those with delicate tummies, there’s plenty of mid-range restaurants and international cuisine on offer.

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