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Cochin Travel Guide - A destination overview of Cochin, India

Cochin is a South Indian destination that has served as an important colonial port since the 16th century. It’s considered to be the cultural hub of Kerala, with contributions from Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities. Known for its sites as well as shopping and nightlife, Cochin is one of the best-loved tourist destinations in the region.

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Cochin Entertainment Guide

Cochin has a long list of activities available to visitors, spanning cultural exhibitions, theme parks and water sports. Outdoor sports are particularly attractive due to Cochin’s beaches, mineral springs and forests.

Cochin Travel Tips

Cochin has been a diverse, international destination for centuries, and today’s tourists find locals well-versed in the customs of the West. This enhances the opportunity for cultural exchange and also makes shopping and price negotiation easier, as locals are more likely to speak and understand English. The transportation scheme of Cochin loosely organized, but between taxis and auto-rickshaws, visitors have no trouble getting from point to point.

Cochin Shopping Guide

Cochin may not have the massive shopping complexes of larger Indian cities, but it still offers a satisfying selection of antiques and handicrafts. Tourists who enjoy the experience will get plenty of mileage out of the small shops and galleries in the area.

Cochin Sightseeing Guide

Cochin doesn’t receive the attention that it is arguably due, a fact that pleases the relatively few tourists who decide to take a look around. This town is full of historic sites dating to Portuguese colonial times, many of which were renovated or outright rebuilt by Dutch and British colonists.

Cochin Food and Dining Guide

The Cochin dining experience begins and ends with seafood. Fishermen bring in fresh catches daily and by mid-morning local chefs have already set about preparing their fish for the evening’s specials.

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