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The Best Hotels in Merano

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Best Hotels in Merano

How to find the best Meran Hotels with

It is as easy as can be to find your perfect place to stay in Meran when you book via the website. Our team of travel experts have been hard at work finding you the best Meran hotels to browse through in preparation for your visit. We have made sure that there are hotels in this list that will suit every type of traveller. Find a luxurious suite for your honeymoon, or somewhere cheap and cheerful with a great view for you and all of the family. So that you can book with peace of mind, we include photos of all of the Meran hotels that we list here. And, you can also take a look at the reviews of each place to stay, which we have gathered from other users of the website, who have stayed at your chosen hotel themselves in the past. Situated in the gorgeous southern Tirol region of Italy, Meran is famous for its good food, fine wine, and amazing medieval architecture.

What's Meran like?

Meran is a city with roots deep in the medieval era, and one of the key landmarks here are the medieval city gates. Another wonderful place to visit is the majestic fortification known locally as the 'Pulvertum' (or 'powder tower'), though it official name is the Ortenstein Tower. Visit the Princely Castle with its elegant gardens, or walk down to the stunning Passer River and stroll over the seventeenth century Steinerner Steg bridge, made of stone. Meran has lots of attractions for tourists to visit, and one of them is actually a modern Museum of Tourism, which provides a fascinating insight into how tourism has evolved in this region.

How to get along with locals

When it comes to food and drink, there are plenty of delicacies in this region, of which the locals are rightly proud. So do as locals do and order yourself a glass of Meraner Leiten with your meal. This is a fresh red wine, which is usually drunk before it is aged too much. And, as the name suggests, it is the native wine of the Meran region. If you enjoyed your wine, you can always say 'grazie', or 'thank you' to your host; learning just a few phrases of Italian like this will always help to smooth along your visit to Tyrol. At, our local expertise extends to all aspects of travel to Meran. We put our detailed knowledge of this region to good use and created you a brilliant list of the best Meran hotels to choose form.