Located in the south of England, Bournemouth is a popular coastal town full of things to do and places to see that are perfect for all types of adventure seekers. Known for colourful beach huts and stunning beaches, Bournemouth is a great place to spend a day or a weekend in the sun. But, there is more to do than just enjoy a day at the beach! We’ve pulled together a few recommendations from people who have visited the town and know the city well.


    Compton Acres

    If you’re looking for a bit of greenery and serenity, then Compton Acres is the place for you. Just outside of Bournemouth, Compton Acres boasts five gardens spread across more than 10 acres. The gardens were founded in 1920 by Thomas William Simpson, and it has come to be recognised as one the finest privately owned gardens in the UK. With several food and drink options to choose from, one can easily spend several hours exploring the various gardens.  As recommended by Katy of Hot Pink Wellingtons. Read more about her tips for a day out in Bournemouth here


    Bournemouth Oceanarium

    One of Bournemouth’s most popular family-friendly attractions is the Bournemouth Oceanarium. As recommended by Kristy of The Violet Blonde, visitors can marvel at over 150 species of fish, including sharks, stingrays, clownfish and pufferfish. You can even see the fish from a different perspective while walking through the underwater tunnel! The Oceanarium is also home to various reptiles, penguins and otters. One of the main draws of visiting the Bournemouth Oceanarium is the many unique experiences and encounters with animals that it offers. Visitors can sign-up to feed all sorts of wildlife including sharks, otters, turtles and even penguins! Each experience is tailored to the specific animal and offers rare opportunities to get up close and personal with some of the planet’s most exciting creatures. You can find more information on her recommendations for a day out in Bournemouth here


    Russell Cotes Art Gallery & Museum

    The Russell Cotes Art Gallery & Museum is the perfect escape if rain should dampen your day out in Bournemouth. The gallery sits within a seaside villa first purchased by Merton Russell-Cotes for his wife Annie in 1901. The couple went on to fill the home with extravagant objects from all around the world, as well as their fantastic collection of British art. Today, the home and its contents are now on display for the world to see, including stunning sculptures and special exhibitions. Tripling up as a historic home, museum, and gallery, this one-of-a-kind villa and art collection are not to be missed. As recommended by Kristina of Creepers & Cupcakes. Read about her recommendations on what to do in Bournemouth here.

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    Exercise on a Bournemouth beach

    Now, exercise might not be on your to-do list for a day out in Bournemouth. But, for those who enjoy outdoor exercise, Bournemouth is a great place to burn calories while also getting the chance to take in some gorgeous natural scenery. Lucy of Paddle Pedal Pace recommends a swim along the coast, which gives you the opportunity to see Bournemouth along with the neighbouring cities’ coastlines and cliffs. If you’re not feeling up for a swim, then a run along the coastline offers similar views, with a hefty side of cardio. You can choose to run along the flat promenade as many runners do, or you can opt for a run in the sand if you’re really looking for a real challenge. Afterwards, don’t forget to reward yourself with a pint and a lovely meal at one of Bournemouth’s many restaurants!  Read Lucy’s tips on how to have an active weekend in Bournemouth here.


    Explore the Bournemouth Beaches

    Bournemouth is home to 14 beaches, spanning across 7 miles, which are perfect for relaxing and taking in some sun! Bournemouth’s beaches boast some of the warmest sea temperatures in the UK and on a clear day you can even spot the Isle of Wight. A day at the beach isn’t complete, though, without exploring the pier! Bournemouth’s pier has a great array of shops, restaurants and attractions that will make your day at the beach an exciting one. You can even check out a few of the beachside restaurants, such as Westbeach, where you can savour fresh, delicious seafood. As recommended by Emma-Louise of Even Angels Fall. Enjoy Emma Louise’s top tips here.

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