Pays de La Loire lies in the west of France, stretching from Sarthe to Loire-Atlantique on the Bay of Biscay. The region has a varied landscape of beaches, marshes and granite coasts, though it’s most popular for the lush vineyards of the Loire Valley.

    The valley’s must-visit wine areas are the Nantais and the Anjou-Saumur. Other popular sites include the Château de Saumur, a hilltop medieval fort with a city museum, and the 7-storey Château de Brissac. While you’re in the Loire Valley, you should also pay a visit to the Royal Abbey of Our Lady of Fontevraud, a UNESCO World Heritage site near Saumur.

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    • Nantes is a city of western France famed for its quality of life. Settled on the banks of the mighty Loire River, 50 km from the Atlantic Ocean, it’s a kind of ‘surf and turf’ city that links bountiful agricultural lands with coastal areas. Named after a tribe of Ancient Gaul, it’s almost an understatement to say that the city...

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      La Baule is a coastal resort in the Loire-Atlantique region that’s packed with excellent restaurants dedicated to authentic local and traditional French cuisine. Local specialities among the vast array of food on offer range from seafood to savoury buckwheat pancakes known as les galettes bretonnes. Some of the best local restaurants in La Baule are upmarket hotel restaurants, while...

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