There are plenty of places to watch the sunset in Rhodes, from imposing fortresses dating back to the Middle Ages to deserted islets with west-facing beaches. This large island is one of the best places in Greece to delve into ancient sights, excellent cuisine, and the Mediterranean sun. Whether you’re looking for inviting beaches or wish to introduce yourself to the local olive and wine produce, this modest isle off the coast of Turkey has got you covered during the day.

    When the sun starts setting over the Aegean, there are plenty of vantage points to seek for incredible twilight views in Rhodes. This guide takes you to Rhodes’ most popular viewpoints, all of which make for excellent spots to practise your photography skills, unwind after a day of sightseeing, and even pop the question to your better half.


    Lindos Acropolis

    Climb up to this ancient settlement on the east coast

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    Lindos Acropolis is a fortified citadel built during the 4th century BC. It has since been a significant historical sight in Rhodes. Traversing through the ruins, you'll discover remnants of ancient temples, staircases, and imposing walls that once protected this stronghold.

    Although Lindos Acropolis is located on the east coast of the island, the elevation of this monumental complex allows you to see the sun drop over the mountainous interior of Rhodes. The white-plastered houses of Lindos and the lush vegetation at the foot of the acropolis are also part of this stunning sunset spot.

    Location: Lindos, Rodos 851 07, Greece

    Open: Daily from 8 am to 5.40 pm


    Kritinia Castle

    Watch the sunset as the Venetians did

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    Kritinia Castle was built by the Knights of St John in 1472. The dilapidated castle sits on top of a hill, towering above the nearby village of Kritinia. It used to be of great strategic value when the Ottoman Turks attempted to conquer Rhodes, thanks to its proximity to the Aegean Sea and panoramic views of the surroundings. 

    When it comes to sunsets in Rhodes, Kritinia Castle is hard to match by most sites on this Mediterranean island. The charming village of Kritinia, olive groves lining the coast, and islands on the horizon offer an excellent scene when the sun sets over the castle ruins.

    Location: Ref. Ialyssou-Katavias 15, Siana 851 08, Rhodes, Greece


    Acropolis of Rhodes

    Experience twilight in the historic acropolis

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    The Acropolis of Rhodes is the most complete and well-preserved ancient complex on the island. The citadel, located on the western outskirts of Rhodes Town, has several temple complexes, a library, a stadium, and an ancient theatre within its premise.  

    As the Acropolis of Rhodes borders the west coast of the archipelago, it’s a prime venue to see glorious sunset views of the Aegean Sea. The best spot to witness the acropolis at twilight is at the Temple of Apollo, the most elevated part of the age-old fortification. 

    Location: Diagoridon 68, 851 00, Rhodes, Greece


    Fourni Beach

    See the sun descend from this stunning beach

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    During the day, Fourni Beach is a beloved shoreline for families, thanks to its calm waves, beautiful rock formations that encircle the beach, and convenient facilities. You can easily spend the entire day on the pebbled waterfront, enjoy a refreshing beverage at a cafe, or hang out on a sun lounger.

    Fourni Beach lies on the west of Rhodes and has incredible natural backdrops, so it’s a good idea to stay until dusk. Climb up to the tiny peninsula for stellar views over the beach, the bright blue Aegean Sea, and limestone cliffs to the south. We recommend bringing a camera when visiting this little outcrop in Monolithos.

    Location: Fourni Beach, Monolithos, 851 08, Rhodes, Greece


    Castle of Monolithos

    Find the highest point for sundown

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    The Castle of Monolithos served as a crucial fortress during the Middle Ages, due to its position on a steep 100-metre-high cliff slope. As it has never been sieged, the structure remains relatively well-preserved over the years. Towering above the sea on the west coast of Rhodes, you can hike to the ruins via a purpose-built walking trail.

    Panoramas of the rugged coastline and the Aegean Sea, as well as the ruins of this once-majestic bastion, are usually bathed in golden light at dusk. You can also visit the 2 white-plastered chapel ruins, which give you a nice view of the surrounding landscapes. Monolithos Castle lies around 5 km northwest of Fourni Beach, allowing you to capture the same sunset on 2 different locations in a single day.

    Location: Epar.Od. Monolinthou-Frourio Monolinthou 89, Monolithos 851 08, Rhodes, Greece

    Open: Daily from 8 am to 3 pm (hours may vary)


    Chapel of Saint George

    Enjoy the viewpoint on the chapel’s courtyard

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    The Chapel of Saint George is a tiny structure in Monolithos, around 75 km south of Rhodes Town. You’ll find the sanctuary on the side of the road near the Castle of Monolithos. The red-roofed and white-plastered chapel contrast beautifully against the vibrant olive trees, winding roads and rugged coastline of Rhodes. 

    A courtyard in front of the chapel often serves as a viewing platform for when the sun descends into the Aegean Sea. The square even has a couple of seats, which makes it more comfortable to watch the spectacle.

    Location: Monolithos 851 08, Rhodes, Greece


    Prasonisi Lighthouse

    Take photos at the scenic lighthouse in Rhodes’ south

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    Prasonisi Lighthouse, located at the very end of the namesake peninsula, is a favoured vantage point to experience nightfall over the island. The lonely lighthouse in the middle of the rather barren land makes for an excellent spot for dramatic landscape photos.

    While Prasonisi Peninsula attracts water sports enthusiasts and sunseekers to its laidback beaches and waves, it's also a very beautiful spot at dusk. It’s wise to read about the tides before you decide to catch the sunset next to the lighthouse as the peninsula is only accessible during low tide.

    Location: Prasonisi Peninsula, 851 09, Rhodes, Greece


    Fort of Saint Nicholas

    Stop by this medieval fortress in Rhodes town

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    The Fort of Saint Nicholas watches directly over the Aegean to the north. It has served as the protective safehold for Rhodes Town since the 15th century. At the end of a pier, you can find the impressive watchtower, which has imposing stone walls. 

    Although the maze of age-old corridors inside of the fortress can’t be explored by visitors, the Fort of Saint Nicholas still makes for an excellent sightseeing spot in Rhodes. The structure is especially dramatic at sunset when the last light of the day gives the old limestone embankments a deep golden shade.

    Location: Pl. Neoriou, 851 00, Rhodes, Greece


    Kato Petres Beach

    Relax on this small shoreline surrounded by rocks

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    Kato Petres Beach is well hidden in the westernmost part of Rhodes Town. It’s not a particularly large beach, consisting mainly of massive boulders on which the waves break. However, it attracts those looking to catch some of the best sunset views in Rhodes. If you’re planning to see the enchanting twilight from Kato Petres Beach, you’ll have to descend a narrow path that starts next to the main road going south from Rhodes Town. 

    If you’re early, visit the Archangel Michael Panormitis Cave before heading for the beach. This mystical place of pilgrimage is carved out of an enormous rock – the setting right next to the seashore is nothing less than breathtaking.

    Location: Ialisou, 851 00, Rhodes, Greece


    Alimia Island

    Find your private island getaway

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    Alimia Island is an excellent spot if you want to see the sun setting on the horizon, with a feeling of being on a castaway island. This deserted archipelago is less than 8 km off the coast of Rhodes, but it has no tourist facilities along the pristine sand. As a result, it’s one of the most romantic places in Rhodes to see the sunset with your other half.

    Alimia Island also consists of rocky hills, a lake in its interior, and abandoned buildings where people used to live in until WWII. Keep in mind that you can only reach the island with a chartered boat.

    Location: Alimia, 851 10, Rhodes, Greece

    Huub Lakerveld | Contributing Writer

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