Nagasaki Food and Dining includes plenty of delectable local delicacies which are iconic not just to Japan but to this city’s vibrant local culture. Two renowned noodle dishes were created at a Chinese restaurant in Nagasaki: Champon and sara udon. The Shikaru Chinese Restaurant has been serving these dishes for over 100 years. Nagasaki castella cake originated as a Portuguese speciality but has become a firm local favourite. Three popular stores to sample this dish are Fukusaya, Shooken and Bunmeido.

Toruko Rice, or Turkish Rice, is a mysterious dish whose origin no one knows for sure. Among the most well-known establishments that sell this dish is Tsuruchan, the oldest Western cafe in the city. Finally, Goto udon is a hand-pulled noodle dish and is lighter and silkier than other types of udon. A popular local restaurant for this dish is Goto Udon Tsukimetei.

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