Kayangan Lake is a crystal-clear freshwater lake in Coron, featuring underwater rock formations, caves and islets. It’s a popular spot for photographers, for fairly obvious reasons, and is said to be the cleanest lake in all of the Philippines. The water is so clear that you can often see down to a depth of 10 metres, enabling even non-swimmers to see the untouched rock formations from viewpoints around the lake.

    Kayangan Lake in Palawan - one of the highlights of 14 Best Things to Do in Palawan and 5 Best Things to Do in Coron (Read all about Palawan here)

    photo by Sailko (CC BY 3.0) modified

    Activities at Kayangan Lake in Palawan

    You can swim, snorkel and dive in Kayangan Lake, and hike the overlooking mountain for panoramic views of the area. Keen hikers with a tour guide can also visit a cave at the top of the mountain but may not be able to enter.

    Swimmers wishing to jump into the lake should seek advice from guides about where the safest diving spots are, because there are some protruding sharp rocks under the water. It’s also worth noting that you won’t float as easily in the super-fresh water as you would in the sea.

    Entrance to the lake park costs around 200 pesos and includes a tour to the Twin Lagoon and Twin Peaks. Many independent tour companies also run tours of the lake and its surroundings, including a beautiful boat tour to the lake itself.

    photo by 우한길(HK Woo) (CC BY 3.0) modified

    Kayangan Lake in Palawan

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