Bogatell Beach is a public beach frequented by locals in Barcelona. This popular beach is known for its relaxed atmosphere, family-friendly amenities and beachside eateries. Located between Nova Icària Beach and Mar Bella Beach, Bogatell Beach sits opposite of the trendy Poblenou neighbourhood, where you’ll find plenty of shopping, cultural attractions and vibrant entertainment spots.

    Bogatell Beach is one of the most popular beaches with locals and residents, with far fewer travellers visiting it compared to Barcelona Beach. You’ll find beachgoers of all ages on the sandy shores of this beach, enjoying its laid-back atmosphere and blue waters. Beachgoers often spend anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours on Bogatell Beach, whether they’re passing through on a sunset stroll or spending a few hours sipping cocktails on the sandy shore. This beach’s close proximity to the city makes it easy to reach via car, bicycle and public transportation.

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    What are the highlights of Bogatell Beach in Barcelona?

    Amenities are plentiful at Bogatell Beach, making it a popular spot for solo visitors, friend groups, couples and families. Lifeguard and safety patrols are typically available during the day, as well as police services, a beachside information kiosk and Wifi. Family-friendly facilities at Bogatell Beach include showers, dressing areas and public toilets, along with children’s games and play areas. Sun loungers and beach umbrellas are available for hire. Beachside kiosks offer a variety of drinks, ice cream and snacks.

    Bogatell Beach in Barcelona offers plenty of sports areas and entertainment year-round. A beachside area designated for exercise provides a variety of equipment overlooking views of the ocean. Sports and play facilities range from beach volleyball courts and table tennis to beach football areas and basketball hoops.

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    Where to eat, drink and shop around Bogatell Beach?

    Barcelona is known for its vibrant dining culture, and you’ll find plenty of it in restaurants, cafes and eateries around Bogatell Beach. Shoreside restaurants offer traditional dishes like Arroz Caldoso, a hearty fish stew, and paella and fideuà, a regional twist on paella that features noodles instead of rice. Flavourful fish and seafood dishes are also prevalent, with freshly-caught and locally sourced ingredients, from fresh fish dishes grilled over open flames to fried squid in the Andalusian style.

    Bogatell Beach sits just opposite the trendy neighbourhood of Poblenou. This once bustling industrial complex has been transformed into an urban hub of culture and entertainment, as former warehouses become shopping destinations and art studios, cafes and craft beer breweries.

    Good to know when visiting Barcelona’s Bogatell Beach

    Bogatell Beach provides accessible facilities for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility in Barcelona. Highlights include dedicated parking spaces near the beach and information stations with visual and tactile signs and information. Facilities include adapted toilets and accessible showers with chairs and wooden walkways that extend close to the water.

    To save money when visiting Bogatell Beach in Barcelona, pack a picnic lunch with a stop at a local grocery to avoid paying higher restaurant prices on the beach. Bogatell Beach can be reached via bus, metro and taxi, as well as by bicycle and car. Bicycle and vehicle parking are available on-site. Vehicle parking may be limited during peak periods at Bogatell Beach.

    Bogatell Beach in Barcelona

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