Gothenburg Cathedral (Göteborgs Domkyrka) is a gorgeous cathedral and the seat of the bishop of the diocese of Gothenburg. The stately yellow building in a neo-classical style is the last in a series of cathedrals which have occupied its site. The church sits on a plot measuring close to 25,000 sq. ft and boasts outer walls in Dutch brick. You'll also notice exterior adornments such as friezes and trims made from Flensburger brick and four Dorian columns made from Scotch sandstone which frame the main entrance. The hood on the clock tower is clad in copper which has now oxidised into a turquoise shade which contrasts beautifully with the bright facade.

    When you step into the bright and spacious church building, you'll be met by the clean straight lines of the Empire style side by side with classicism's Mediterranean-inspired motifs in grey marble and shiny gold leaf. The golden altarpiece depicts the cross surrounded by angels and entirely covered in gold and will be sure to catch your eye instantaneously. On the other side of the building, you'll spot the imposing organ, also in the whites and golds of the classical style.

    What are the highlights of Gothenburg Cathedral?

    Gothenburg has had a cathedral at this site since the 17th century and even if the older churches are no more, Gothenburg Cathedral still boasts a number of treasures from these forgotten times. Among the artefacts on display are historic candlestick holders, an antique chalice and a pyx in the Renaissance style, not to mention some magnificent embroidered bishops' robes in luxurious French silk.

    Besides antiques, Gothenburg Cathedral also houses art of a more spiritual variety. In the contemporary piece known as Mariamanteln, on display in the church, artist Anja Larsson interprets the virgin's protective power in more modern materials.

    If you're visiting Gothenburg Cathedral in the summer when the tower is open, you may get the chance to climb its more than 150 steps all the way to the top. When you finish ascending you'll be rewarded with some spectacular views of the city from 170 feet above ground level.

    History of the Gothenburg Cathedral

    The church you can see today when visiting Gothenburg Cathedral is actually the third of its kind. The first cathedral on this site was erected in 1633 and replaced a provisional wooden church on the order of King Gustav II Adolf. Much of the first cathedral was destroyed by a great fire in 1721, but because the walls survived it was possible for the church to be restored relatively quickly. Just like its predecessor, the 2nd cathedral stood for less than 100 years before meeting its fate in the fire of 1802.

    This time, the old walls were severely damaged and couldn't be reused, so it wasn't until 1815 that the third and current church could open its doors. But even then the building was incomplete – the tower wasn't fully built until 1825. By the beginning of the 20th century, the tower had begun to lean so precariously that the city ordered an extensive restoration of the entire building. Yet further reinforcements were made in the 1950s and the church was then renovated again in the 1980s and 2010s.

    Good to know about the Gothenburg Cathedral

    Gothenburg Cathedral is centrally located within the city, in a district known as Inom Vallgraven. From here, it's just a few hundred metres to Gothenburg Central Station and sights like the Feskekôrka Market and the Gothenburg Maritime Museum (Maritiman). Both buses and trams stop directly outside the cathedral at the Göteborg Domkyrkan Stop. If arriving to the cathedral by car, the closest parking spaces are to be found along the streets of Östra Hamngatan and Västra Hamngatan. You'll find a number of spaces along Södra Hamngatan as well. Note that the parking spaces here are often subject to time restrictions, so if you're planning on a relaxed and leisurely visit, the best place to park is along Skeppsbron, which is a few hundred metres away.

    The cathedral is free to visit and generally open to the public Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6.30 pm. This is a perfect opportunity to get a closer look at the building and its gorgeous details. The church holds several services on Sundays which give you a chance to experience the cathedral as it was intended to be experienced.

    Gothenburg Cathedral (Göteborgs Domkyrka)

    Location: Kyrkogatan 28, 411 15 Gothenburg, Sweden

    Open: Monday–Friday 10 am to 6.30 pm

    Phone: +46 31 7316130

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