The best restaurants in Trang let you lose yourself in a melting pot of diverse cultures through delicious signature dishes. Foodies will be content in the southern Thai province as restaurants offer magnificent coastal views with beautiful stretches of shorelines. And you can experience the best of Thai hospitality and dine on seafood dishes, lemongrass and mango salads, and Asian fusion dishes that celebrate the best of both worlds.


    Baan Suan Sudaporn

    Atmospheric dining with Thai classic dishes

    • Food
    • Group

    Baan Suan Sudaporn will transport you into a serene garden where some of Trang’s finest cuisines are served. With Thai hospitality, the staff are happy to guide you through the menu while ensuring you are having an absolute blast.

    Some of the popular selections here are the fried pork leg that is soft yet crispy, miang takrai (lemongrass-wrapped salad), and blah boran (fried fish served with homemade sauce).

    Location: 66 25 Rakchan Rd, Thap Thiang, Trang 92000, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 11 am to 10 pm

    Phone: +66 (0)75 581 582


    Trang Moo Yang

    A popular local spot for breakfast and pork dishes

    • Food
    • Budget

    Trang Moo Yang stands out among the plethora of places serving hungry people first thing in the morning in Trang. It serves up freshly roasted pork, dim sum, and pork noodles for locals and travellers who want to eat something tasty to keep them fuelled until lunchtime.

    The whole roasted pork is the main draw, but add a bowl of noodles or rice porridge to go along with the savoury meat, and you are good to go. Trang MooYang opens up as early as 5 am and tends to close before midday as they often sell out, so get here early.

    Location: 201/5 Petchkasem Rd, Na Ta Luang, Trang 92000, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 6 am to 1 pm

    Phone: +66 (0)897 239 328


    Richy Bakery & Restaurant

    A cute restaurant offering baked goods

    • Food
    • Families
    • Group

    Richy Bakery & Restaurant in Trang started as a bakery before expanding into a full-fledged restaurant. Desserts are its speciality, as many diners love their cheesecake and coffee.

    The restaurant’s savoury offerings also come highly recommended, especially beef in oyster sauce and steamed fish. Richy Bakery & Restaurant serves everything in a cute and bright interior space. It’s a great spot for lunch, and you can get some treats to snack on later in the day.

    Location: 83 13-14 Ratsada Road, Thap Thiang, Trang 92000, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 10 am to 10 pm

    Phone: +66 (0)75 215 595


    Kim’s Restaurant

    Thai-Chinese fusion, seafood, and roast duck

    • Food
    • Group

    Kim’s Restaurant has an unmistakable local vibe, with an open dining space, large wooden tables, and families enjoying their meals. The cuisine here is a fusion of Southern Thailand and Chinese classics.

    Kim’s has been around for 6 decades, giving them plenty of time to perfect their craft on pla kaphang (steamed seabass) in ginger sauce, as well as their roasted duck with crispy skin and juicy meat. Other standouts include curries, stir-fries, and roasted meats.

    Location: Thap Thiang, Trang 92000, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 4 pm to 10 pm

    Phone: +66 (0)805 334 558



    Serving up coffee and breakfast since 1942

    • Food
    • Budget
    • Group

    Kopi is a spacious café in Trang where you can expect to enjoy some really tasty coffee. It has been around for more than 7 decades, providing locals and travellers with their morning caffeine fix.

    Even so, Kopi is more than a place to get a cup of coffee – its buns and bak kut teh (pork simmered in spices) are too good to miss. If you're after something lighter in the morning, either go for dim sum or the rice congee.

    Location: 4 Thap Thiang, Trang 92000, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 7 am to 5 pm

    Phone: +66 (0)75 214 225

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