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Stay in the Lisa Frank Flat – a ‘90s Kids’ Dream Room!

Dust off your trapper keepers and whip out those unicorn pencil pouches because you can now stay in a custom ‘90s room that explodes with Lisa Frank’s colorful prints and playful characters. This spacious Barsala penthouse will have you feeling like you’ve been transported directly into a scene from one of Lisa Frank’s iconic notebooks from your childhood. Beep your friends on their pagers because this room is going to be all that and a bag of chips!


Availability opens HERE Friday, October 11 and will sell out faster than you can say “as if”

The Lisa Frank Flat is complete with a technicolor rainbow window display, a light-up canopy bed and Instagram-worthy wall mural.

Put on a scrunchie and get photo ready because this ‘90s dream room is custom-fit with countless Instagramable moments.

Getting to know the room

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