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Where to stay in Krakow - a guide to accommodation

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The accommodation in Krakow is a varied as its culture. Stay in historic old and luxurious hotels or get a cheap night’s sleep in a comfortable hostel, perfect for backpackers. As the former capital of Poland, hotel prices are above the national average, yet it is a city well worth its price when you explore its historic streets which have celebrated over 750 years’ worth of history and culture. You still won’t be hard pushed to find a great deal. If visiting in the summer, don’t forget to book ahead as it’s the city’s busiest time.

Pawel Sacha

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Old Town


Full of culture, history and ancient monuments, Krakow’s Old Town is the heart of the city in terms of location and life. It was one of the first areas to be awarded an UNESCO status and most of it survived World War II. Stay in boutique refurbished hotels here, right in the centre overlooking the crème de la crème of Krakow’s history.


Jewish neighborhood


The area once solely inhabited by the Jewish community, who were then forced out during the Second World War, which is home to many beautiful synagogues, the Jewish cemetery and other landmarks is now bustling with life again. Artists and the youth have helped in its regeneration, making it a popular area for tourists.


There are plenty of hotels in this neighborhood, ranging from 1 star to 4, and fitted with all the amenities tourists need. It is also now a rather hip area and popular with backpackers.




Podgorze is most famous for, sadly, being the area of the Jewish ghettos from 1949. Located just across the Vistula, which is Poland’s largest and longest river. This area heavily featured as the filming set for Schlinder’s List.


Accommodation here if full of cheap, quirky and modern hostels making it ideal for backpackers. Dorms have bunk beds and there are private rooms too. Most also have activities to help you plan your sightseeing. As still part of the city, it is easy to get about whilst still having a cheap place to rest.


Nowa Huta


As the newest district in the city, it serves as a living museum of the Communist rule in Krakow. It is also the most eastern district. Each different architectural period of Krakow’s recent history is evident here.


If you want a quieter stay, this is a great area, but it doesn’t lack in quality. There are a few modern hotels which are beautifully decorated in bright welcoming colors and boast ultra-modern sparkling bathrooms.




With the most greenery and forestry in the whole of the city, stay in this area if you want a breath of fresh air away from the center. Explore the forest and the zoo and lose yourself on long, fresh walks.


Hotels here are slightly more expensive and luxurious, but definitely worth it if that’s what you’re after or you are spending a special trip. The views alone are enough to pull you in along with sleek interiors and modern amenities from gyms and spas to flat screen TVs.