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Where to Eat in Park City – a food and dining guide

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Park City is famous the world over for being right up there with the best vacation destinations for outdoor pursuits, with 3 top-class resorts offering some of the finest skiing, trekking, and biking this side of anywhere. With such high-speed and demanding thrills lurking at every turn, resplendent dinners and relaxing downtime is essential. Not to worry: Park City is home to an army of fabulous restaurateurs ready and waiting to please.
Typical dishes



It's hard to pick just one type of food to associate with Park City – pretty much everything is on the menu, from silky-smooth risottos to succulent seafood.



As packed with culture and history as the surrounding resorts are with snow in the winter, Downtown Park City is a bright and bustling community with a fine choice of restaurants to suit every taste. Riverhorse on Main dishes like pistachio-crusted trout and prime ribeye in a jazzy ambience with stylish decor. 501 on Main is a proudly organic kitchen cooking up great risottos is a real treat, while even some of the crockery is edible – you've got to try the hand-spun potato baskets.


• Riverhorse on Main, 540 Main Street, Park City; Tel: +1 435 649 3536

501 on Main, 501 Main Street, Park City; Tel: +1 435 645 0700


Deer Valley Resort


Boasting some of the best skiing anywhere in US, not to mention breath-taking hiking and cycling in the summer months, Deer Valley has got a good stock of lip-smacking cuisine to match. Ideally situated for adventurers looking to re-energize after a day with nature, Deer Valley Grocery Café is an unpretentious joint at the foot of the resort, serving soups and salads made with seasonal veg. Deer Valley Seafood Buffet is heaven for anyone with a taste for the fruits of the sea. Chilled shellfish, sushi, and a few sensational hot options make this a top choice in the area.


• Deer Valley Grocery Café, 1375 Deer Valley Drive, Park City; Tel: +1 435 615 2400

Deer Valley Seafood Buffet, 2250 Deer Valley Drive, Park City; Tel: +1 435 645 6632


Canyons Resort


Considering the vast area covered by the Canyons Resort, convenient and tasty dining options are a must to keep you going through the day. Lookout Cabin is open throughout the ski season and boasts a simply marvelous view of the Wasatch Range. It’s a great place for a rich fondue or a portion of creamy Alpine mac ‘n’ cheese. For a prime cut of beef and a cutting-edge culinary experience, the award-winning Edge Steakhouse is the place to be. Another seasonal establishment, this warm and enticing restaurant gives its succulent meat some serious care and attention.


• Lookout Cabin, 4000 Canyons Resort Drive, Park City; Tel: +1 435 615 2892

Edge Steakhouse, 3000 Canyons Resort Drive, Park City; Tel: +1 435 655 2260


Near Newpark Resort


Whether you’re staying in the Newpark Resort Hotel and Conference Center or you’re just visiting the area for a quick shopping splurge, you can find a good selection of restaurants scattered about to sate your appetite. While there are plenty of chains with decent coffee and perfectly good lunch menus, Shoyu Sushi House and Japanese Kitchen is a special spot serving delicious fish and warming miso soup. For a taste of Italy, the classically furnished Ghidotti’s takes inspiration from traditional Italian home cooking.


• Shoyu Sushi House and Japanese Kitchen, 1612 Ute Boulevard, Park City; Tel: +1 435 604 0153

Ghidotti’s, 6030 Market Street 100, Park City; Tel: +1 435 658 0669