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A Bengaluru City Guide – a commercial hub with a cultural kick

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A leading light in India’s technology trade, Bengaluru – or Bangalore as it’s more commonly known – is a modern, cosmopolitan, vibrant city that will intrigue anyone interested in today's India. Nicknamed “the Garden City of India”, it’s a landscape peppered with pockets of serene green, while its central shopping area is as thriving and electric as any. For an invigorating dose of culture, you’ll find plenty of top attractions to explore.
Where to shop



At the heart of Bengaluru, Brigade Road and M.G. Road offer a good combination of huge malls and independent stores, stocking the most desirable of high street brands as well as catering to quirkier tastes. Premium fabrics and antiques can be found throughout. For a true experience of traditional mob shopping, you can join the crowds at Commercial Street and bag yourself a bargain – you’ll find pretty much anything you want. Massive department stores are located across the city and the market at Chickpet is choice for an authentic souvenir.


What to see and do



It really wouldn’t be trip to the Garden City without taking some time to enjoy the parks and diverse plant life. Lalbagh Botanical Gardens is home to many exotic species that make for a refreshing afternoon’s walk, before a sumptuous lunch at any of the delicious restaurants and cafés close by. The green expanse of Cubbon Park is prime for a picnic, while history buffs will relish a visit to the intricately carved, Tudor-style Bangalore Palace. Feasting your eyes upon the Neo-Dravidian architecture of the four-domed, whitewashed Vidana Soudha building won’t disappoint either.


Where to eat



As well as serving the best in south-Indian cuisine, restaurants in Bengaluru have a reputation for serving up favourite dishes from all over the world to satisfy its multicultural population. Scattered along M.G. Road and the nearby streets you can find plenty of low, mid, and high end options popular with visitors, while not far from the Lalbagh gardens you can dive into some authentic and potent flavour combinations cooked up by the locals on Food Street. Be sure to test out some masala dosa, a finely crafted potato curry pancake treasured by most who try it.


Travel tips



Bengaluru boasts a typically fine climate throughout the year, so you’ll be hard-pressed to stumble into a blizzard, but its coolest month is generally December – reaching lows of around 15 °C – while its wettest period runs through August, September, and October. Although its known as one of India’s cleanest cities, it is worth approaching the food served by street vendors with care, avoiding fruits and salads. Be sure to drink bottled mineral water, pack mosquito repellent, and respect etiquette in religious buildings.