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Where to Stay in Savannah – a neighborhood guide

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The charming city of Savannah has an epic history spanning the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and its heritage can be seen in its architecture and the museums where you can learn about the region's fascinating and sometimes turbulent past. The beauty and buzzing atmosphere of Georgia's oldest city attracts many artists and musicians, meaning there's a colorful cultural calendar, and visitors love the old markets and vintage boutiques where they can bag unique souvenirs.
Hotels in Historic District



The Historic District is full of cozy inns exemplifying the best in Southern hospitality. Many are found within historic homes and have kept their period charm, with some guestrooms featuring magnificent wood-carved 4-poster beds and modern perks like free WiFi and flat-screen TV.





Leafy midtown has is a combination of pleasant suburbs and some of the city's major roads, with strip malls, shopping centers, and plenty of casual restaurants offering friendly pitstops. Its central location, connected by copious public transport, makes it a popular spot for tourists to stay in. You'll also be close to the Twelve Oaks Shopping Center with its boutiques and independent stores, and across the road you'll find the pedestrianized, village-like Abercorn Walk which hosts upscale stores for clothing and home ware.


Hotels in Midtown



Midtown is home to many of the larger hotel chains. What they may lack in the historic decor and retro charm of the Historic District accommodation they make up for with facilities like on-site spas and saunas, as well as reliably smart and comfy rooms which will suit families and business travelers alike.


Tybee Island



Just a half hour drive from the city center, Tybee Island is a relaxing beach spot where the waters of the Savannah River meet the Atlantic Ocean. Known for a time as Savannah Beach, its long sandy seafronts, clear seas, and fascinating sites from the Civil War, when the island was an important strategic point for the Union Army, all make Tybee Island the perfect area if you want to enjoy the Georgia outdoors as well as the historic streets of Savannah.


Hotels in Tybee Island



Tybee Island isn't generally about massive swanky resort complexes. Instead, you can look forward to homespun charm in cozy bed and breakfasts and boutique inns featuring bright, vibrant colors and the occasional bit of maritime decor. Sea views and on-site swimming pools add to the sense of serenity.


Port Wentworth



Close to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, Port Wentworth has an abundance of natural beauty, and is also an amble away from Savannah River – ideal for anyone who enjoys those long waterfront walks. Its convenient proximity to the airport also makes it a popular destination for anyone here on business and those on the move, and you'll also get to enjoy the small selection of colorful, locally owned restaurants.


Hotels in Port Wentworth



Cost effective comfort is the order of the day in Port Wentworth. Many of the hotels in this part of Georgia are part of the major chains, providing unfussy convenience and understated guestrooms with WiFi and flat-screen TVs.