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Naples Shopping Guide – where and what to shop and buy

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Generations-old, family-run craft shops, antique hideaways packed with quirky treasures, and bustling markets selling fresh local produce are all the order of the day in Naples. The city is world-renowned for its expert tailors, so it’s the perfect place to splurge on a handmade shirt or a knockout suit. Then of course there’s the food, with irresistible delis and artisan grocery stores, selling some of the finest pasta, olive oil, and wine you’ll find anywhere.
Via San Gregorio Armeno



This world-famous shopping street is one of Naples’ quirkiest and most charming tourist attractions. It’s Christmas all year round in this bustling alleyway, which is home to numerous artisan workshops that specialize in exquisite, hand-crafted nativity scenes and figurines. Here you’ll find everything you could possibly need to create your own unique festive centerpiece, plus all manner of other Christmas decorations and accessories, ranging from the gaudily kitsch to the impeccably tasteful. The street is of course at its most magical in December, when it glitters with thousands of lights and overflows with enraptured visitors. But it’s an enthralling experience at any time of year, and off-season is great for bargain hunters.





Just a short, scenic funicular train ride from the city center, the hilltop district of Vomero offers a thoroughly genteel, laid-back shopping experience. The area is probably best known for its awe-inspiring views from the voluptuous hilltops, but you can also explore market stalls for trinkets and keepsakes, not to mention boutiques and larger stores generally quieter than what you'll find elsewhere. Whether you're snapping up local textiles and homeware items, or simply observing locals haggling energetically over fresh meat and fish, this is a gem of a district worth getting out of the central area for.


Posillipo Market



Every Thursday morning, hordes of locals and visitors alike flock to the stone pine-lined, seaside streets of Posillipo for its bustling market, one of the most popular and stylish in the city. Yes, in Naples even street markets can be stylish, and it’s worth the trip just for staggering panoramic views of the bay of Naples you’ll be greeted with. Serious shoppers will also be delighted by the array of local and vintage fashion, handbags, accessories, and household trinkets on offer. The atmosphere is electric, with vendors merrily announcing their wares – haggling is a must, so don't be shy about bringing the prices down.