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Nightlife in Naples

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From opera and classical music concerts held in the city’s grand theaters, to trendy beach clubs with pounding electronica, nightlife in Naples is definitely eclectic. Dinner and coffee often goes on late into the evening anyway, at which point it’s easy to trip off to a wine bar or entertainment venue to keep la dolce vita going.


Opera and theater


Party like it’s the 18th century by dressing up in all your finery and visiting one of Naples’ renowned theaters in the Centro Storico. Built for the Bourbon kings, these majestic venues have been entertaining crowds with high-class opera, ballet, and classical music ever since. The jewel in the crown is Teatro San Carlo.


Teatro San Carlo


The world’s oldest continually-active opera house, the Teatro San Carlo is the spiritual home of opera, and a must for any classical arts fan. It wows with an opulent, red and gold interior, and beautifully frescoed ceilings. Every production is lavishly realized, and its changing seasonal schedule is packed with top operas and ballet.


Via San Carlo, 80132 Napoli. Tel:+39 81 797 2111


Teatro San Carlo website
Wine bars


With the renowned Campania vineyards on the doorstep, Naples will spoil you with local wines. You can get a decent glass to accompany your pizza at any hole-in-the-wall restaurant, but for somewhere more refined, head to the stylish Chiaia district, where modern wine bars are becoming well-established.


Enoteca Belledone


With a simple, rustic atmosphere, Enoteca Belledone is everything a good wine bar should be. Wooden stools line the bar, and corks provide design features, while floor-to-ceiling shelves are filled with wine bottles. In the summer, locals spill out onto the pavement, chatting animatedly and swilling wine.


Vico Belledonne a Chiaia, 80121 Napoli. Tel:+39 81 403162


Enoteca Belledone website




Just like daytime Naples – with the grandeur of its palaces and castles on the one hand and the rowdy, haphazard little streets on the other – night here offers contrasts too. The polar opposite of the opera houses are the young, trendy nightclubs, which throw beach parties and bounce to electronica beats.


Arenile Reload


Somebody caught onto the fact that while the closest beach to Naples is not exactly a white sand paradise, it’s a heck of a good place to throw an after-dark party. Arenile has since become the hottest nightclub destination in town. Catch the latest band or a top DJ performing on a strobe-lit stage under the stars.


Via Coroglio, 80124 Naples. Tel:+39 81 0199156


Arenile Reload website


Miami Barroom


For a more relaxed pace, try Miami Barroom. Decked out in white, with floaty fabrics and tucked-away corners with sofas, the theme is most definitely chill-out. It’s the place to come to sip Champagne or cocktails and sway a little to the music, without the frenetic, sweaty dancing of other clubs. It attracts a more diverse crowd too.


Via Raffaele Morghen, 80129 Naples. Tel:+39 81 229 8332


Miami Barroom website


Live music


If a huge classical concert isn’t to your taste, there are many other live music venues around Naples, ranging from tiny bars with open mic nights, to established music clubs which specialize in everything from rock to country and blues. For a hot Neapolitan evening though, jazz is the perfect accompaniment.


New Around Midnight


The classiest live music venue in town, New Around Midnight, is an intimate and sensual little club, featuring jazz performances from the best local talent. Sultry vocalists, frenetic saxophonists and passinate bass players ensure it’s always lively, with crowd and performers ranging from grey-haired old-timers to students and new talent.


Via Bonito, 80100, Naples. Tel:+39 81 558 2834


New Around Midnight website