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Travel Tips for Experiencing Eastbourne Like a Local

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A picturesque seaside resort town, Eastbourne is a haven for beach lovers and those interested in hiking along Beachy Head's famous chalk cliffs, the highest in Britain. You can relax in local tea rooms serving authentic cream tea, a delicious snack of scones, jam, and thick cream. Renting a colourful beach hut or chalet makes for an extra comfortable day at the beach.

Best time to travel


Eastbourne's year-round mild weather makes it an enjoyable destination to visit any time, thanks to its temperate winters and warm summers. The city enjoys some of the highest levels of sunshine in the country, creating an environment that suits both beach lovers and hiking enthusiasts, who can enjoy the lush, rolling countryside of the South Downs.

Not to miss


Beachy Head's chalk cliffs, which are the tallest in Britain, offer sweeping views across the English Channel, as well as hiking trails alongside Seven Sisters cliffs with plenty of quaint tea rooms and cafés in close proximity. Eastbourne's beaches are havens for water lovers, who flock to the shores to enjoy the city's beach chalets, outstanding views, and tea rooms. Eastbourne also offers plenty of pubs and a vibrant theatre scene, so you'll always find something to do after the sun goes down.


Getting around


London Gatwick Airport (LGW) is the nearest international airport to the city at 48 miles away. Regular trains are available from Gatwick to Eastbourne - the journey takes around 1 hour - so renting a car isn't necessary. In Eastbourne itself, walking is the best way to get around the compact city centre. For longer journeys, you can hail a cab or use the efficient bus network.




Authentic Italian food is a popular local favorite and there are plenty of restaurants specializing in pizza and pasta around the city centre. If you're looking for something traditional and hearty, fish and chips with mushy peas is widely available and makes an extra special treat to enjoy on Eastbourne Pier. You'll also find several tea rooms serving cream tea, an afternoon snack consisting of scones, cream, and jam.


Customs and etiquette


Tipping in restaurants is customary, so you should expect to add around 10 percent to your bill. Forming orderly lines, or queues, when waiting for service is important to Brits who view it as a strict rule to be respected. Manners will get you far in Britain, and you can expect a friendly "cheers" or "ta" when speaking to anyone in the service industry. Be aware that traffic runs on the left, which is the opposite of most countries.


Fast facts


  • Population: 99412

  • Spoken languages: English

  • Electrical: 220-240 volts, 50 Hz, plug type G

  • Phone calling code: +44 1323

  • Emergency number: 999