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Arts and Culture in Eastbourne - Live Theater, Quirky Museums, and Modern Art Galleries

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There's always a show worth seeing in Eastbourne, from serious drama to slick West End musicals. You can also visit contemporary art galleries and intriguing museums that illuminate the city's rich history and creative talent. If you feel like releasing your inner Sherlock Holmes, try an evening of murder mystery theatre.

A night at the theatre


theatre is alive and well in Eastbourne, where you can catch plays and musicals in historic venues like the Royal Hippodrome. At this Victorian mainstay you'll be able to enjoy renowned productions like "Treasure Island" and "Hooray for Hollywood." Or head to Congress Theatre to hum along to the familiar songs of musicals like "The Full Monty" and "Annie."


Royal Hippodrome Theatre


Built in 1883, the Royal is an intimate venue specializing in mainstream productions, like variety show "Hooray for Hollywood." The staff who run this local landmark receive visitors with a warm welcome.


108-112 Seaside Road, Eastbourne BN21 3PFTel: +44 1323 726756


Royal Hippodrome Theatre website


Congress Theatre


The elegant Congress Theatre hosts live comedians, like the acclaimed Alan Carr, as well as West End productions such as "The Simon & Garfunkel Story."


Carlisle Road, Eastbourne BN21 4BP. Tel: +44 1323 412000


Congress Theatre website

Museums in Eastbourne


Eastbourne's rich cultural heritage is showcased and illuminated at several interesting museums. At "How We Lived Then" Museum of Shops, thousands of vintage items are exhibited over 4 floors. A 5-minute drive away is Redoubt Fortress & Military Museum. This regional landmark dates back more than 200 years, to the time when Napoleon Bonaparte was threatening to invade England.


"How We Lived Then" Museum of Shops


Soaked in nostalgia, this fascinating museum exhibits a collection of old shops and curios over 4 floors.


20 Cornfield Terrace, Eastbourne BN21 4NS. Tel: +44 1323 737143


"How We Lived Then" Museum of Shops website


Redoubt Fortress & Military Museum


This is one of the most popular military museums in Britain, housed in a fortress built to defend the south coast from Napoleon's forces. Exhibits include uniforms, medals, and weapons, some dating back more than 300 years.


Royal Parade, Eastbourne BN22 7AQ. Tel: +44 1323 410300


Redoubt Fortress & Military Museum website


Art galleries


There's plenty for art lovers to enjoy in Eastbourne, including Nigel Greaves Gallery, a chic venue housing contemporary works. The space spans 2 floors, of which nearly every inch is occupied by original and eye-catching pieces. Or you can head to Towner, an award-winning institution that is considered one of the region's premier galleries.


Nigel Greaves Gallery


At this contemporary gallery, you can explore 2 floors packed with intriguing creations, including figurative and abstract works, and landscapes with a modern twist.


Compton Street, Eastbourne BN21 4EJ. Tel: +44 1323 638268


Nigel Greaves Gallery website




Towner hosts attention-grabbing contemporary art exhibitions in a modern. elegant space.


Devonshire Park, College Road, Eastbourne BN21 4JJ. Tel: +44 1323 434670


Towner website


Murder mystery


Murder mystery theatre is a fun way to spend an evening in Eastbourne. You can join in the fun at The Mowbray, a local bed and breakfast. Talented actors assemble to perform one of 2 plots: The Duke's Will or Donation of Death. Audience participation is essential, so expect to be fully immersed in the experience as you analyze the plot in search of clues.


Murder at the Mowbray


Choose between 2 plots: The Duke's Will, a family drama that ponders whether Mr de Mowbray died of natural causes or something more sinister, and Donation of Death, in which you'll meet mobsters, socialites, and corrupt politicians.


2 Lascelles Terrace, Eastbourne BN21 4BJ. Tel: +44 1323 720012


Murder at the Mowbray website