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Where to Shop in Munnar - Tea, Spices, and Handicrafts

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Shopping in Munnar is a feast for the senses. You can stock up for a picnic at market stalls piled high with bananas and mangoes, sift through vibrant fabrics at a community project, and buy tea from its source in the plantations. Fragrant spices are grown in the surrounding hills and supplies of cardamom, pepper, and cinnamon make delicious souvenirs to cook with back home.

Shopping for spices


The fertile countryside around Munnar yields an impressive harvest of tea leaves, coffee beans, and aromatic spices. As well as gazing in wonder at this distinctive landscape, you can pick up some tasty souvenirs for your family and friends. At the nearby Tea Museum, you can buy different varieties to brew at home, while Abbas & Co. in the bazaar sells tea, coffee, and spices at competitive prices. Spice connoisseurs should also visit Green Land Spices Super Market to purchase golden turmeric, warming cumin seeds, and cardamom pods from the shop's own plantation.


Browsing at the market


Strolling through Munnar's bustling bazaar you'll see piles of colourful fruit and vegetables displayed alongside plastic toys and sacks of rice. The market here is mainly pitched at locals rather than tourists, but it's a lively place to wander around and you might be tempted to spend some of your rupees on the homemade chocolates.


Traditional handicrafts


Disabled workers at Aranya Naturals, a welfare project supported by the Tata tea company, use natural dyes and traditional techniques to create bold, colourful fabrics. You can sift through their batik and block-printed designs at Srishti Sales Outlet. The shop also sells photo frames, plus greeting cards made with paper from eucalyptus trees and lemongrass plants.


  • Srishti Sales Outlet, Nullatanni Estate Road, Munnar, Kerala 685612; Tel: +91 4865 230340; Website: Srishti Sales Outlet