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Where to Stay in San Jose - Villa Hotels, Cozy Bed-and-Breakfasts, and Nearby Cities

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Staying in San Jose leaves you in the centre of the action. But you can also sleep in one of several cities nearby, like Mountain View, where eco-friendly innovations and technology collide at Google's massive state-of-the-art headquarters. Or you can opt for Cupertino, a quieter destination where you'll be able to enjoy Northern California's natural beauty only 15-minutes from the big city.

San Jose


Staying in affluent San Jose makes heading out to one of the city's sophisticated restaurants, world-class museums, and fun outdoor markets a breeze. Downtown is the hub for some of the best shopping. You can also take in a live performance at the San Jose centre for Performing Arts, where award-winning productions like “The Lion King” play, or step out for crisp craft beers and yummy cocktails. Walking back to your room at the end of the night saves the hassle of parking or finding a cab.


Accommodation in the San Jose area is all about modern, clean hotels and luxury resorts, with plenty of options to suit most budgets. You could stay in a mansion on a century-old estate surrounded by towering palm trees, or choose a simple, minimalist suite with excellent amenities and vibrant public spaces.


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Santa Clara


Just a 10-minute drive up the road from San Jose, Santa Clara has a lot to offer; art galleries, museums, and California's Great America amusement park. The NFL's San Francisco 49ers have their headquarters in the city at Levi's Stadium, so you'll be well placed for live football games, which you can enjoy along with cold beers and delicious stadium hotdogs. The Intel Museum exhibits the company's tech innovations, with free admission to boot.


Santa Clara has clean, modern hotels with comfortable suites and plenty of amenities. You can choose an intimate B&B, with features like a library, barbecue grills for guests, and cozy fireplaces. For something especially chic, opt for an impressive resort hotel with fancy extras such as poolside service, a 24-hour health club, and valet parking.


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Mountain View


Mountain View is a 20-minute drive from San Jose, and is the ideal place to stay for nature lovers. With clear views of the Santa Cruz Mountains from many angles, you'll be able to enjoy the convenience of the city as well as moments of rest and relaxation on the threshold of the great outdoors. There are 7 blocks of pedestrian-friendly shopping in the Downtown area, with cafés, clothing stores, restaurants, and more to peruse. Google's cutting-edge headquarters, Googleplex, are based here. With scores of buildings sprawling across 26 acres, you're free to roam around viewing the campus' public art.


Mediterranean-style villas in the middle of Silicon Valley, boutique hotel suites, and budget options with modern amenities are some of the choices you'll find in this area. Feel like playing a game of bocce ball? What about in-room yoga and pilates? Or maybe you'll want to unwind next to a sparkling poolside? Mountain View has it all.


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Sunnyvale, the headquarters of tech giant Yahoo! and hometown of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, is a 15-minute drive from downtown San Jose. It's been given the title of “Bicycle Friendly Community” by the League of American Bicyclists, owing to the many bike-friendly amenities in the city, such as on-and off-street lanes and bike-activated traffic lights. You can stop by Golfland USA for 2 18-round miniature golf courses, and a fabulous arcade that's fun for both big and little kids. Or enjoy a sunny afternoon picnic at Las Palmas Park.


Smooth, clean lines and muted colours feature heavily in Sunnyvale's hotels. Suites exemplify modern simplicity, focusing on excellent service and comfort in style. Inviting outdoor pools are generally standard, so you won't have to go far to take a dip for some relief from the hot California sun. Californians are known for keeping active, so you'll also find plenty of options with a fitness centre.


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Cupertino is 15-minutes from downtown San Jose and famous for being home to Apple's headquarters. There's a gift shop on Apple's campus with items you can't find anywhere else, so that’s worth the trip alone for fans of the company's products. Or try Stevens Creek Country Park for excellent hiking trails and a dose of serene nature. The Fujitsu Planetarium has laser and light shows and educational astronomy presentations, making it a must-see for space enthusiasts of all ages.


The city's hotel options are lavish, including high-end bars and lounges, as well as 24-hour gyms. Their elegant ambiences are in line with Cupertino's reputation for affluence, so you can expect to be pampered no matter where you stay in the area. Free airport shuttles are also a key feature, so you won't have to worry about arranging transportation if you don't want to.


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