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Where to Stay in Cambridge - Student Dorms to Serviced Apartments

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Cambridge welcomes vacationers, visiting professors, and the moms and dads of college students with open arms. The range of places to stay includes en suite rooms and shared dorms in college halls of residence, riverside hotels, serviced apartments, and B&Bs and guesthouses in the city centre and suburbs. You'll also find boutique hotels and the usual chains. Out of town, there are traditional British inns in picturesque villages and market towns.



Staying in the city centre lets you make the most of your time in Cambridge. The city is small, so pick the right address and you can be within a few minutes' walk of all the city's colleges, museums, and other attractions. A couple of city-centre hotels are right on the River Cam, with fine views and ducks floating gently past.


Hotels in the centre of Cambridge range from glam boutique properties with facilities like walk-in showers, spas, and cosmopolitan cocktail bars, to comfortable old-world establishments. You'll also find family-run B&Bs and guesthouses in and around the city centre.


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Cambridge colleges


You can experience Cambridge university life from the inside by staying on campus at many of Cambridge's colleges. This lets you wander around spacious college courts, halls, and gardens at your leisure after most visitors have left for the day. You can also enjoy a drink with students and professors in college bars.


Student rooms - modern and comfortable, but mainly with shared showers and restrooms - are up for grabs during the Christmas, Easter, and July-September university vacation periods. Breakfast is served in (mostly) historic refectory halls.


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Cambridge outskirts


Many visitors to Cambridge are happy to pay a premium to stay in the middle of town. But you don't have to look all that far from the city centre to find accommodation that won't break your budget, in peaceful neighbourhoods that are within easy reach of central attractions.


There are plenty of guesthouses and B&Bs in neighbourhoods close to central Cambridge. You'll find a good choice of self-catering apartments for short and longer stays, and these can be a very family-friendly accommodation choice.


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Cambridge surrounds


Villages and small towns near Cambridge - such as Grantchester, Saffron Walden, and Duxford - offer a quiet alternative to staying in town. With their characteristic whitewashed cottages, market squares, and tree-lined streets, they are attractions in their own right. Frequent buses can whisk you into town in minutes.


Guesthouses, B&Bs, pubs with rooms, and old-fashioned inns are easy to find in the towns and villages around Cambridge. There are also a few country house hotels. Driver-friendly chain hotels are located near junctions of major highways such as the M11 and A14. They offer modern facilities and free car parking, which is hard to find in the city.


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Not far from Cambridge


If you're willing to base yourself a little farther from the city centre, consider looking for a place to stay in or around Newmarket, Huntingdon, or Ely. All of these small towns are around 30 minutes' drive from central Cambridge. Each has its own attractions, such as Ely's cathedral and Newmarket's famous racecourse. There are regular trains from Ely and Newmarket to Cambridge, and bus services from Huntingdon.


Newmarket, Ely, and Huntingdon offer plenty of large modern hotels as well as inns, guesthouses and B&Bs. Vacation cottages on farms, in villages, or in the countryside are another good option, especially for families.


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