Couples in Dublin can find a world of ancient, medieval and modern romance to rekindle the fire in your relationship, from stunning views to historic locales and quirky alley walks. You can catch a show in one of the most elegant theatres you've ever seen. You can walk the great hall of a genuine medieval castle. You can wander down an entire alley that's a tribute to love. You can also just take some time for the 2 of you to walk in the deep green grass of a vast parkland.

    From live entertainment to astounding architecture, this is a city of romance. Check out some of the best things to do for couples on a romantic holiday to Dublin.


    Love Lane

    Explore a free art installation dedicated to romance

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    Love Lane is a small alley in the Temple Bar district in the heart of the Southside offering street art dedicated to all things love. Here you will see tons of murals, tile art and other graphic art installations celebrating love in various shades of white, pink and red. The works here include deconstructed hearts and tiles carrying famous quotes about love, love lost, heartbreak and passion. If you're looking to remind yourself exactly why the 2 of you came here, strolling this art installation is sure to do the trick. Best of all, it's free.

    It's at the end of Crampton Court and is properly called 'Love the Lanes', though it's most commonly called Love Lane.

    Location: Crampton Ct, Temple Bar, Dublin, 8, Ireland


    photo by William Murphy (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified


    Malahide Castle

    See a 12th-century castle

    Malahide Castle is one of many castles across Ireland, but it may be among the most romantic, offering an ancient look at Dublin history and a wealth of nature viewing. This is one of the oldest castles in Dublin, and as you walk the 9 hectares of ornamental gardens surrounding the castle, you'll see more than 5,000 species of flora. You can also walk through a butterfly house that's unique to Ireland and offers the chance to take a fairy-tale stroll among 20 different species of butterflies.

    Parts of this castle date as far back as the 1100s, and a guided tour lets you see the interior. It's only 26 minutes north of the city centre.

    Location: Malahide Demesne, Malahide, Co. Dublin, Ireland

    Open: Daily from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

    Phone: +353 61 711 222


    Iveagh Gardens

    Check out a hidden gem among city parks

    Iveagh Gardens is an urban park offering a chance to get away from the hustle, bustle and noise among statuary, water features and a romantic oasis for your travels. The park is located in the heart of the Dublin city centre and is something of a hidden gem among city parks, though the city does hold outdoor seasonal concerts here. As you explore, you'll see sunken lawns, fountains, rose gardens, yew mazes, grottoes and the cascading 'waterfall' fountain that dates to 1865.

    The park offers tons of walking paths and plenty of benches. You can grab a coffee from a nearby cafe and come here to sit, people watch and just be together.

    Location: St Stephen's Green, Park, Dublin 2, D02 HX65, Ireland

    Open: Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday–Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm

    Phone: +353 1 475 7816


    St Patrick's Cathedral

    Visit a legendary cathedral that's over 800 years old

    St Patrick's Cathedral is the national cathedral of Ireland and offers the chance to see architecture dating back over 800 years with stunning artwork inside and out. You can visit the church every day and explore on your own or take a guided tour that allows you to skip the lines and learn about the church from an experienced guide. It's said that St Patrick himself baptised converts nearby more than 1,500 years ago. The church itself was built in 1191. Inside you'll see stunning ironwork, stained glass, statuary and stone carvings that make for great photo opportunities.

    The church is a fine example of Gothic architecture. It's located about 9 minutes north of the city centre.

    Location: St Patrick's Close, Dublin 8, A96 P599, Ireland

    Open: Sunday from 8.45 am 10.15 am and from 1 pm to 5 pm, Monday–Saturday from 9.30 am to 5 pm

    Phone: +353 1 453 9472


    Phoenix Park

    See wild deer at one of Europe's largest urban parks

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    Phoenix Park is one of Europe's largest walled urban parks and offers nearly 3 square miles of space to explore with a zoo, wild animals and seemingly endless green space. You can get up close to hundreds of animals at the Dublin Zoo, which is inside the park 10 minutes west of the city centre. If lions and tigers aren't your thing, the park is famous for the wild deer that constantly roam through the forest and dart across the roads. The deer population has been here since the 17th century, when the park was part of royal game lands.

    Today the herd numbers 450, and they just run wild. Be forewarned: sometimes these fearless animals help themselves to picnic food.

    Location: Dublin 8, Ireland

    Open: 24/7

    Phone: +353 1 820 5800


    St Stephen's Green

    Have a picnic and feed the ducks

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    St Stephen's Green offers a green slice of paradise in the heart of Dublin and is an ideal place to escape from the crowds and the hustle and bustle. You can bring a picnic lunch and spread out by the pond to enjoy your meal along serene waters populated by a flock of ducks. You can walk trails and enjoy history.

    This spot has played a major role in Dublin life over the past 400 years, including as a battleground in the 1916 Easter Rising. During this battle, the groundskeeper managed to get each side to pause the fighting for an hour each day so he could feed the ducks. That's Irish culture in a nutshell.

    Location: St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

    Phone: +353 1 475 7816


    Dublin Bay

    Take a romantic cruise to see another side of Dublin

    Dublin Bay offers a chance to take a romantic cruise and see the city in a whole new way where you'll see sites like historic locales, islands and stunning viewpoints. Depending on which route you take, you might see a traditional fishing village with seafood restaurants, a historic lighthouse, Ireland's Eye or a community of grey seals. You might see the unique architecture of the Dublin Convention Centre. You might explore local museums and walk scenic piers or take a dip in the water. You can take a cliff walk or see islands with wildlife sanctuaries.

    These are just a few of the possible sites on display on these cruises. They depart from various locations all across the waterfront.

    Location: Co. Dublin, Ireland


    The Gaiety Theatre

    Catch a live show in a historic venue

    The Gaiety Theatre is a historic theatre in the heart of the Dublin city centre that specialises in musical theatre, opera and occasional classic drama productions. The theatre was established in 1871 and originally focused on burlesque, comedy, tragedy and opera productions. Performers and playwrights who have been featured here get their handprints cast in bronze in front of the building, with names like Luciano Pavarotti, Maureen Potter, Anna Manahan and John B. Keane immortalised in this fashion.

    The Gaiety Theatre is famed for its Christmas pantomime show that has been held every year since 1874, with the exception of 2020. The Gaiety Panto has produced events like 'Snow White', 'Sleeping Beauty' and 'The Little Mermaid', among other fairy tales.

    Location: South King St, Dublin 2, Ireland

    Phone: +353 818 719 388


    photo by Robert Linsdell (CC BY 2.0) modified


    3Olympia Theatre

    Catch a live show from a world-famous act

    3Olympia Theatre, locally known as 'The Olympia', offers the chance to see live performances in a wide range of genres and styles from comedy to theatre and music. This is one of the more famed concert houses in Dublin and has hosted such diverse names over the years as Charlie Chaplin, David Bowie, Billy Connolly, Radiohead, Adele, Hall & Oates, The Killers and R.E.M., among others. The theatre opened in 1879 and has been a staple of Dublin's arts and cultural scene ever since.

    Along with 2 other theatres, 3Olympia is known for its Christmas pantomime series that showcases classic fairy tales and children's stories like 'Robin Hood', 'Aladdin' and 'Cinderella'. It's in the heart of the city centre.

    Location: 3Olympia Theatre, 72 Dame St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, D02 K135, Ireland

    Phone: +353 1 679 3323


    photo by Paradoctor (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified

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