Rimini boasts a flavoursome and varied gastronomic traditions which you can try in the city's best local restaurants. To discover the finest Romagna cuisine during your holiday in the Riviera, you’ll need to head out of your hotel and eat where the residents eat. 

    Try meat and fish dishes with ingredients and produce from the Adriatic and backcountry. Accompany your dish with wine from quality grapes grown in the hills. Your rich food journey might include Montefeltro truffles, mushrooms, local specialities like formaggio di fossa (semi-soft cheese) and bustrengo (polenta and apple cake). Want some advice on typical Rimini dishes and where to try them? Here are some of the best local restaurants in Rimini to try the delicious riches of the Romagna region.



    Classy restaurant by the sea

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    Ristorante Guido on Miramare beach is a classy place to enjoy an excellent lunch or dinner with beautiful sea views. Choose from the à la carte menu, featuring Adriatic produce, or tasting menus with house specials. 

    For a typical delicacy of the Riviera Romagnola, try brodetto. This soup has working-class origins but is now part of the repertoire of top chefs. It used to be prepared with fish that was too small or low-quality to sell, which fishermen would bring home to their families. Every town on Romagna's coast has its own way of making it, and ingredients vary by season. But there's a universal rule: at least a dozen different varieties of fish must be used.

    Location: Lungomare Guido Spadazzi, 12, 47924 Rimini RN, Italy

    Open: Daily from noon to 2.30 pm and 7 pm to 10.30 pm

    Phone: +39 0541 374 612


    Brodo di Giuggiole

    Try their homemade egg pasta

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    If you're looking for a place to eat homemade egg pasta and traditional cappelletti (filled, hat-shaped pasta), head to Osteria Brodo di Giuggiole in the centre of Rimini. They use stone-ground flour to make their dough, as per tradition. The ingredients and sauces for the pasta vary depending on the time of year. 

    The menu features wild mushrooms and seasonal vegetables, truffles from the Montefeltro region, wild boar and rabbit. The cheeses come with homemade chutneys. Choose from a selection of local red and white wines, including Sangiovese, Cabernet and Rebola. Between courses, remember to visit the earthenware and stone room beneath the main dining area, where you can see an old focone, which was used to chargrill meat.

    Location: Via Soardi, 11, 47921 Rimini RN, Italy

    Open: Daily from 12 pm to 2.30 pm and 7 pm to 10.30 pm

    Phone: +39 0541 26 778


    Zi' Teresa

    The place to eat coniglio in porchetta

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    Ristorante Zi' Teresa is a local restaurant about half an hour’s drive inland from Rimini. It’s the perfect opportunity to taste a local speciality: coniglio in porchetta (rabbit in spit-roasted pork). The method’s similar to that for porchetta, and the meat is stuffed with chopped garlic and wild fennel, giving the recipe its unique flavour. When it’s done cooking, you’re left with a crispy outer crust and soft interior. 

    The prices are affordable, and you can choose from different types of set menus. There's also a vegetarian tasting menu, popular for its passatelli imbufaliti (homemade pasta with aubergines, cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella). Or opt for the 100% vegan buffet, ranging from hot and cold starters to desserts.

    Location: Via Valliano, 31, 47854 Montescudo, Rimini RN, Italy

    Open: Tuesday to Sunday from noon to 3 pm and 7 pm to midnight

    Phone: +39 0541 984 312


    Trattoria La Marianna

    Satisfy those grilled fish cravings

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    La Marianna is an atmospheric place to eat in Rimini in the fishing district of the city. To find it, cross Ponte di Tiberio (Bridge of Tiberius), the continuation of the Decumanus Maximus around which Roman Rimini was developed. This takes you to San Giuliano, the old fishing district nestled between the sea, Marecchia river and Porto Canale. Beside a lagoon reflecting the park’s greenery is Trattoria La Marianna, where fish and traditional Romagna cuisine take centre stage. 

    It's all about the sea here. Even the furnishings in the dining areas and on the veranda are adorned in wood and a blue-and-white colour scheme. The bar is in an old boat from the harbour. We recommend grigliata mista cotta alla brace (mixed grilled seafood): the fish varies daily, depending on the catch.

    Location: Viale Tiberio, 19, 47921 Rimini RN, Italy

    Open: Daily from 12.30 pm to 3 pm and 7.30 pm to 11 pm

    Phone: +39 0541 22 530


    Locanda dell'Ambra

    Great for trying pit-matured cheese

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    Come to Locanda dell'Ambra, perched on a hill and surrounded by chestnut trees in the stunning village of Talamello, in Rimini's backcountry to try formaggio di fossa (pit-matured cheese). They serve local, high-quality delicacies and offer an unrivalled experience, with real attention to detail. The walls are covered in local stone, and the restaurant stands above the pits where the cheese is prepared.

    A holiday in Rimini is a brilliant opportunity to taste this gastronomic speciality with a unique flavour. The unmistakable flavour of this one-of-a-kind cheese owes to it being matured in sandstone pits and coated in straw. This long and laborious process reaps a wonderful reward: a pronounced flavour, rich in herbaceous aromas, delicious with honey, jam and balsamic vinegar. 

    Location: Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 28, 47867 Talamello, Rimini RN, Italy


    Trattoria Zaganti

    The place to taste a dessert made with 30 ingredients

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    A trip to the medieval village of Verucchio is a great excuse to eat at Trattoria Zaganti. They serve local dishes, including a speciality of Romagna's lowlands: bustrengo. It contains over 30 ingredients and there are different variations. They used to make the mixture from whatever was available in the pantry, to use up leftovers. That's why every town and family have their own secret recipe, passed down through the generations. 

    The basic ingredients are white and polenta flour, milk, eggs, butter and dried fruit and nuts like walnuts, almonds and figs. Other ingredients are honey, lemon and orange rind and raisins. Wine is also used to give it its unique flavour. With each bite, you'll find yourself guessing what's inside.

    Location: Via Ponte, 44, 47826 Ponte Verucchio, Rimini RN, Italy

    Open: Sunday–Friday 7 am to 10 pm (closed Saturdays)

    Phone: +39 0541 678 110


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