Via Margutta in Rome is a street that historically was home to craftsmen but today is home to art galleries, upscale restaurants and hip establishments. It became an exclusive area around 1953 after being featured in the film 'Roman Holiday', and was home to notable figures such as Federico Fellini, Giulietta Masina, Renato Guttuso, Amerigo Tot, Marina Elide Punturieri and others.

    The street is a popular visitor attraction, having been featured in films such as 'My First Forty Years' and books like 'Quelle Belle Ragazze di Via Margutta'. It's the heart of the Roman food, arts and cultural scene.

    Via Margutta in Rome - one of the highlights of 12 Most Popular Streets in Rome (Read all about Rome here)

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    What are the highlights of Via Margutta in Rome?

    Via Margutta in Rome hosts the annual Cento Pittori via Margutta exhibition, a traditional arts festival sponsored by the city that has for years been an outlet to introduce new artists to the public. Painters such as Paolo Salvati, Luigi Salvatori, Gabriele Patriarca and others got their start at the festival.

    Also on this street is the famed Fontana delle Arti, or Fountain of the Arts, dedicated to the presence of artisans here since the 17th century. The fountain features a triangular base with a bucket of paintbrushes on top, with comedy and tragedy masks on either side atop marble supports.

    What else is good to know about Via Margutta in Rome?

    Via Margutta in Rome is central to the arts and food culture in the city. If you are looking for the hippest, classiest restaurants and the most exclusive art galleries, this is the place to come. Because of its reputation, however, it can get very crowded. The street is short and narrow, so be aware of the crowds.

    You can book a tour that will take you through the sights here and teach you about the history of the area. You can also explore at your own leisure, which will give you much more time to experience the attractions.

    Via Margutta in Rome

    Location: 00187 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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