Trondheim has a short summer, but that just means that the people of Trøndelag know how to make the most of it, with markets and festivals, plenty of swimming opportunities and hiking terrain. The city streets are also at their busiest in summer, both in the shopping districts of Midtbyen and the pleasant Bakklandet on the other side of the Nidelva.

    If you plan your trip in advance, you can attend major events such as the Pstereo Festival or Martnan. If you have to improvise, it's worth keeping an eye out for other events, and in the worst case, just enjoy the city summer like the locals, going to Munkholmen for a swim, taking a stroll along the Nidelva or enjoying refreshments in the sun.


    A Hike Along the Nidelva

    Roaring Waterfalls and Salmon Fishing

    A trip along the Nidelva is a great activity that everyone will enjoy, with a well-maintained hiking trail through idyllic areas along one of Norway's best salmon rivers. Nidelvstien is a project that in time will connect Klæbu and Trondheim, and the stretch between Leirfossene and Tempe in Trondheimsmarka is already in place.

    The Øvre Leirfoss waterfall is most impressive in the spring, but flows well all year round. Another option is to go by the old power plant at Nedre Leirfoss and watch the salmon fishermen further down. Walking over the suspension bridge to the islets below Kroppanbrua is an exciting detour, and benches and tables have been set up in several places should you want to take a break.

    Location: Østre Rosten 20, 7075 Tiller, Norway


    Explore the City by Bike

    Explore the Trøndelag Capital on Two Wheels

    Exploring the city by bike is a great way to sightsee as you are always close to the urban environment while covering large distances without much effort. In a small town like Trondheim, everything is within easy reach. A good route could be a look around Kalvskinnet, a visit to Nidaros Cathedral followed by a cycle through Bakklandet.

    A nice short trip is Hjertepromenaden - five easy kilometres in the middle of the city. All cyclists should also try the Trampe bike lift. Observe experienced bike lift users first, then you'll get up Brubakken without breaking out in a sweat. If you have time to spare, you can explore Bymarka, and if you don't have your own bike, you can join guided tours, rent a bike or use a city bike, which is available from spring to late autumn.

    Location: Trondheim, Norway


    Pstereo Festival

    3 Days of Music in the City Centre

    • Nightlife

    The Pstereo Festival is a three-day music festival in the centre of Trondheim in late summer featuring Norwegian and international artists in pop, rock and electronic music. The festival area in the Marinen park is located close to the Nidelva, in the middle of the city, and helps create an intimate atmosphere in surroundings that are both green and urban.

    The festiva was named after a song by the Trøndelag rock band DumDum Boys and has been an annual event since 2007. The music profile can be described as "alternative", with a nice mix of old and new names. The Pstereo Festival is an excellent opportunity to see what's going on in the Norwegian alternative music scene, and as a bonus you can use the hours during the day to explore Trondheim city.

    Location: Marinen, Bispegata 3, 7013 Trondheim, Norway

    Open: 3 days, second half of August


    Explore Bakklandet

    Trondheim's Cosiest Residential Area

    • Photo
    • Budget

    Bakklandet is an idyllic area in Trondheim along the east bank of the Nidelva, between Bakke bridge and Vollafallet. The area is known for its small wooden houses, cobbled streets and a generally pleasant neighbourhood feel.

    The district is known and referred to as Trondheim's old town, but was originally a suburb that grew freely and undisturbed into a district on a human scale, with a uneven street levels and cosy nooks and crannies. The best access from the city centre is over the beautiful Gamle ByBro, which is a sight in itself. From there, just walk up along Øvre Bakklandet or down along Nedre Bakklandet and take in the cafés and restaurants such as Baklandet Skydsstasjon and the antiques shop near the bridge. During the Bakkland Days in late summer, the streets fill with concerts, markets and exhibitions.

    Location: Bakklandet, 7013 Trondheim, Norway


    Trip to Solsiden

    Sunny Outdoor Seating in the Former Shipyard

    • Shoppers

    Solsiden is a shopping centre in the Nedre Elvehavn district in central Trondheim, which has a distinctive quay area with a number of restaurants and pleasant outdoor areas.

    The shopping centre is located in the area where Trondheim's Mechanical Workshop used to operate in 1983, and which has since been transformed into a commercial and residential area. Remains from the shipyard operations are still evident, such as the huge crane that towers over Solsiden's cocktail bars and outdoor cafés. The southwest-facing quay at TMV's old dock lives up to the name Solsiden (sunny side), so this is the place to sit on a summer's day. When you've had enough of the sun, café life and shopping, you can visit the culture house Dokkhuset on the other side of the dock for some cultural fulfilment.

    Location: Solsiden, 7014 Trondheim, Norway


    Trip to Munkholmen

    Summer and Swimming out in the Fjord

    Munkholmen is a historic islet in the Trondheim Fjord that has been used for both military and religious purposes, but which is now an open-air area with a permanent boat connection to the mainland. From May to September, you can take the boat from the centre to swim and maybe barbecue on the beach outside the fortress walls or sunbathe and relax on the lawns in the fortress.

    The boat to Munkholmen departs from Ravnkloa in Trondheim, and the trip out to the islet is only 2 kilometres long. Once there, you can buy simple food at the café, or enjoy what you bring with you, and of course admire the beautiful surroundings and views in all directions. Those interested in history can join a guided tour, which is arranged once an hour, every day.

    Location: Munkholmen, 7010 Trondheim, Norway (Departure boat: Ravnkloa, 7011 Trondheim, Norway)

    Phone: +47 72 88 88 88


    Trondheim's Main Square

    City's Best Meeting Place

    • Budget

    Torvet is the main square in Trondheim and the heart of the city, and after a major renovation, it has been given a look and a design that lives up to the status of the city's foremost meeting place. The first impression of Torvet is that of a simple, large and open space with gray stone slabs, but car-free surroundings, discreet planting, a universal design and people of all ages create a pleasant setting around the magnificent statue of the city's founder Olav Tryggvason in the middle.

    As the winner of the Landscape Architecture Prize 2020, it is clear that the place has great qualities, not least as an inviting place to stop, with plenty of plenty of good seating. Look out for the beautiful patterns and sculptures in the slate slabs and benches.

    Location: Torvet, Kongens gate, 7013 Trondheim, Norway


    Shopping in Midtbyen

    A Diverse Shopping District in the Centre of Trondheim

    • Shoppers

    Shopping in Midtbyen is a varied and exciting experience, from exploring small shops in the streets to dry-shod shopping in shopping malls or pleasant outdoor markets in both summer and winter. The area boasts many unique shops, and the shopping district's own website will help you find your way around.

    In early summer, Martnan lures people to Torvet and the surrounding streets with handicrafts and handicraft products. It is worth mentioning that the Christmas market in the same place has attracted international attention, so it is clear that the trade stand and the municipality know what is required to create a great atmosphere. If you prefer shopping in car-free streets, then the area around the upper part of Nordre gate is the place to go. This is also where you'll find a wide range of good places to eat for when you get hungry.

    Location: Midtbyen, 7013 Trondheim, Norway



    A Summery Dip in Trondheim's Fjord

    Sjøbadet is a central bathing spot in Trondheim with both a bathing ladder, diving tower, sun terrace and floating jetty as well as a nice view of the fjord. Low prices and a high wellbeing factor make this a popular place for a swim in the fjord.

    From May to September, there is a floating jetty about 50 metres out in the water, which is popular with swimmers, while diving boards up to approx. 8 metres high (large tidal differences) offers challenges for both beginners and the more experienced divers. Modern changing room facilities with toilets and showers are in place, as well as a kiosk where you can get yourself an ice cream or something to eat or drink.

    Location: St. Olavs Pir 2, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

    Open: Daily: 12.00–18.00



    Annual Market Marks the Start of Summer

    Martnan is a traditional annual event on Torget and the surrounding streets in Midtbyen in Trondheim, with cultural events, games and activities for children, arts and crafts, exciting food products and plenty of street life. At the height of summer, more than a hundred market stalls set up here selling all kinds of goods. Stages are also set up here and the people of Trondheim leave the house.

    These market days date back to the Middle Ages and in modern times have become a kind of celebration to mark the start of summer in the city. If you're interested in acquiring handmade goods, then this is your chance and Martnan is also a great opportunity to sample some exciting food from near and far.

    Location: Torvet, Kongens gate, 7013 Trondheim, Norway

    Open: 3 Days Around Midsummer All market days: 11.00–19.00

    Phone: +47 99 35 40 00


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