Pohang is a city in North Gyeongsang Province and a major seaport offering many ancient spiritual sites, museums, hiking, natural wonders, beaches and theme parks. Hwanho Park is a unique attraction with its SpaceWalk, a walkable sculpture that resembles a rollercoaster with spectacular city views. The Haeoreum Sunrise Observation Deck has fantastic views of the rugged coast and the ocean waters for miles around. The standing stone at Koro-ho is an ancient site with an air of mystery about it, while the Yeongii Folk History Museum provides a look at the ancient culture of this vibrant region.

    Spiritual sites of importance here include Bogyeongsa Temple, Naeyeonsan and Oeosa Temple. A quirky public art installation can be found at the Hand of Mutual Shake, a gigantic sculpture of a hand in Homigot Sunrise Square. For a healthy way to detox and get rid of your stress and cares, try a bath in the Yeongil Bay Hot Springs. The Yeongil Bay Beach offers relaxation, surf and scenic coastline.

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    • 7 Best Family Things to Do in Pohang

      Pohang has many places for the whole family to enjoy, including vivid historical sites, beautiful nature, museums, and sports venues. Befitting the reputation of the region as the foremost industrial city in Korea, built throughout the Japanese Forced Occupation and industrialization, there are plenty of sights to see that pierce the ages. At the Guryongpo Modern History Museum, you can...

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    • 10 Best Local Dishes from Pohang

      The best local dishes from Pohang include outstanding seafood fare. Indeed, as the main seaport in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region, Pohang is blessed with both breathtaking views and incredible seafood – particularly red crab. Other popular dishes from Pohang use ingredients that extend far beyond the bounties of the sea. From juicy steamed chicken swimming in cheese and rich sauce to...

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    • Pohang Travel Essentials

      Our Pohang Travel Essentials guide showcases all the basics you need to know to enjoy a splendid holiday in this shining city at the mouth of the Hyeongsan. Our guide offers valuable insight into the local climate trends as well as emergency phone numbers, currency, electricity, plug styles and more. Our guide can help you at every step of your...

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