Kaohsiung is one of the biggest and busiest areas of Taiwan, and a hub of the island’s economy. Built around the port, the city is fast becoming a shopping and dining destination to rival Taipei. The skyscrapers in the city centre are reaching higher and higher and more and more people are discovering the historical and cultural gems in the area.

The main attraction in Kaohsiung is the Love River – also called the ‘Thames of Kaohsiung’. The river runs through the town for more than 12 km and there’s a number of great cafés, shopping areas and sightseeing spots along its banks. There’s a lot to do here, ranging from shopping and adventure outings to trying out the interesting cuisine.

What to see & do in Kaohsiung

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Kaohsiung has a great choice of things to see and do, spread around the city’s 11 districts. The hub of these is the Love River, which winds for 12 km through the heart of the city. Along its banks, you’ll find a night market, great cafés, cultural events and live music events. It’s also just a pleasant place for a walk. If you enjoy nature and the great outdoors, Kaohsiung has...

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Where & what to eat in Kaohsiung

Dining in Kaohsiung is an opportunity to enjoy both great local dishes and high-quality international offerings. Being a major trading port, it should be no surprise that so many national cuisines are represented around the city, including Italian, Greek, Mexican, Indian and plenty of others. The coastal location also makes the Kaohsiung dining scene a seafood-centric one. The shores of Cijin Island and the banks of the Love River are lined...

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Where to shop & what to buy in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung’s shopping scene has a lot in common with Taipei’s, with both world-beating malls and interesting night markets to choose from. The choice of malls and departments stores, in particular, is very impressive. Dream Mall dominates the scene, not least because it’s among the largest malls in Asia, with so many facilities and attractions that it’s practically a small town in its own right. Taiwan is famous for its markets, and...

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Where to go & what to do at night in Kaohsiung

Nightlife in Kaohsiung is very nearly on the same level as that of Taipei, with similarly high-end lounge bars, a few lively clubs and cool live music spots. Some of the top spots even belong the brands which built their reputation in Taipei. With that reputation now extending into Kaohsiung, you can expect to find big-name DJs and bands bringing the evening to life from time to time. Of course, it’s...

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    Kaohsiung is one of the most important cities of Taiwan, with its 11 districts, a dense population and strategic location in southwest Taiwan. It became even more prominent after hosting 4,800 athletes from 105 countries attending the 2009 World Games. The city, sunny and beautiful throughout the day, comes alive at night with its innumerable food stalls and night markets. The...

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