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Washington is not just home to the leader of the United States of America, it’s also home to the seats of power and politics that surround them. There’s more to the city than what goes on in Capitol Hill, however, with plenty of varied dining options and bars to enjoy in this sometimes overlooked but increasingly vibrant city. As well as all the after-dark fun to be had, there’s plenty to do in the daytime, with the National Mall jam-packed with unforgettable monuments and the Smithsonian Institution offering a dizzying array of cultural artefacts and exhibitions.

Things to see

There’s no denying that the most famous resident of Washington resides in Pennsylvania Avenue at The White House, and while you won’t be able to pop in for a chat, you can visit the place where the President resides and get close to this iconic hub of political power. The building itself is a masterwork of neo-classical architecture, set in landscaped grounds, which has provided the home for every US leader since 1800. Talking of US leaders, a number of the most eminent are celebrated throughout the huge national park that is Washington’s National Mall, with the Lincoln Memorial one of the most popular, and impressive, of its monuments. The Constitutional Gardens are also a sight to behold. For a different take on American history, the Smithsonian Institution holds some weird, wonderful, and unmissable exhibitions and relics dating all the way back to the founding of the Land of the Free.

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Thanks to the huge influx of visitors, not to mention journalists, commentators and all manner of other visiting guests, Washington is well suited to catering to tourists, no matter what their budget. There’s a wide range of cheap hotels in Washington, from recognisable chains to inns and guesthouses. You should expect to find flat-screen televisions and WiFi in even the budget hotels, while some will also offer tea and coffee making facilities, microwaves, and refrigerators, and in some cases free local telephone calls. If you’re willing to travel a little further out from the center, you’ll also make some further savings.

Where to stay

Downtown Washington is growing in popularity with visitors. While it was until recent times mostly a commercial center packed with offices and very few residents, these days there are plenty of accommodation options among its rowhouses and Federal school blocks and the combination of reasonable prices and easy access to much of Washington’s best cultural life – in the shape of bars, theatres, and restaurants – makes this an excellent, inexpensive option. The artier, more literary and bohemian region of Dupont Circle is a great place for a night out, and similarly increasing in popularity with visitors looking for a place to stay. Capitol Hill can be pricy, but is excellent for being close to the shops and political attractions.

How to get to

Ronald Reagan International Airport is the city’s main travel hub, but thanks to Washington’s illustrious residents there are a restricted number of flights, and security onboard can be extremely tight. Once you land, transferring from the Arlington-based airport to Downtown is a doddle, thanks to it being connected by the city’s reliable and reasonably priced Metro system. Around 26 miles out of the center of Washington, Dulles International Airport is actually in Virginia but can be a way of making a saving, and is still well-connected to the heart of town thanks to the regular Washington Flyer service.

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