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Best Hotels in Haro

How to Find the Best Haro Hotels with has partnered up with many top hotels in order to bring you the best deals while you are searching for Haro hotels. With our extensive searching tools, you are able to find the best Haro hotels at great prices that suit your specific needs. With our comprehensive guest review system, you can see what other customers have to say about the hotels you are interested in. We also provide you with detailed information about he specifics of the hotel, along with photos of the different rooms so you know what to expect when you arrive. If you are planning to visit some of the attractions in Haro, you can find hotels that are within easy travelling distance to make getting to the sights much easier for you.

What's Haro Like?

Haro is the wine capital of La Rioja and is home to some of the most superb wine taverns in Spain, so if you like wine you are in luck. If you want to learn about the history of the local wines, as well as tasting them, taking a tour around the wonderful Bodegas Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia could be right up your street. If you would like to take a break from the wine and see some of the scenery and architecture that resides in Haro, why not pop along to the Church of Santo Tomas. This is a beautiful structure that defines the historical culture of Haro. For more culture and a trip into what seems like another world, the Luces de Modernidad is a beautiful local town with old style streets, decorated in local design, quite a sight! If you have had enough time on the ground, you can take to the skies and see the area from above with a balloon ride from Globos Arcoiris.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Haro

With millions of British tourists travelling to Spain every year without encountering any problems, you don't have very much to worry about before setting off for Haro, especially as is here to make accommodation booking easy. Haro is the wine capital of this region in Spain. One famous activity that occurs here every year is the Wine Fight where locals throw red wine over each other like they're having a water fight. This kind of activity shows the fun-loving nature of the people there, so why not join in when festivals and events like this occur and really get to know the people? Now you know what Haro has to offer, why not book your accommodation with today?