Hockey Hall of Fame is a famous ice hockey museum in Toronto, Canada, preserving the stars and history of the sport. Known as the home of the Stanley Cup, hockey fans from all over the world visit the museum to experience its expansive, one-of-a-kind exhibits. These exhibits showcase players, teams, records, National Hockey League relics, personal memorabilia, and other special artefacts relating to the beloved sport.

First founded in Kingston by James T. Sutherland in 1943, the Hockey Hall of Fame was moved to Toronto because of funding issues and now resides in Brookfield Place and a historic Bank of Montreal building.

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What are the highlights of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto?

With 15 broad exhibit areas over 60,000 sq. ft., the Hockey Hall of Fame is a “Cathedral” in its shrine-like honouring of hockey. Although there’s a Stanley Cup at the centre of the Great Hall, it’s sometimes a replica as the real one is used for presenting the award. The original Stanley Cup trophies as well as current National Hockey League trophies are shown in a bank vault off of the Great Hall.

In addition, the museum features portraits, biographical information, and equipment worn by hockey players during particularly unusual games. There’s also an interactive place to shoot pucks into goals with a simulation.

What else is good to know about the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto?

It generally takes around 1 to 2 hours to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame. The museum is wheelchair accessible, with one wheelchair available to loan with an ID free of charge while visiting.

In 1998, the Hockey Hall of Fame introduced a World of Hockey Zone which highlights players and teams from other North American or international leagues. There are also sections in the Hockey Hall of Fame about North American grassroots hockey such as women's and disabled hockey leagues.

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Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto

Location: 30 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5E 1X8, Canada

Open: Daily from 10 am to 4 pm

Phone: +1 416-360-7765