Taiwan’s restaurant and dining scene is growing in popularity across Asia as tiny back-alley outfits grow to become international franchises. On the island itself, virtually every corner restaurant offers a mouth-watering selection of noodles or rice dishes, and will tempt you into trying a morsel of the hot soupy noodles made in every way possible. Notable noodle dishes include the steaming hot Hsinchu rice noodles, Nantou slender noodles and noodle dishes where the flour was hand-rolled and peeled before being cooked in a giant pot of piping soup.

Taipei, in particular, also has a great selection of international eateries available, including some really creative fine dining options. Out in the smaller towns and quieter counties, you’ll have a harder time finding western fare, but the local offerings are plentiful and delightful, particular at the night markets. Famous must-try dishes include oyster omelettes, squid stew as well as steamed or fried dumplings.

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