At Mingei International Museum, you'll find art that represents daily life in many forms, from contemporary folk art to crafts and designs. For art lovers and creative minds, it is a magical world, and visitors are always left with an unforgettable experience.

With over 26,000 pieces, the collections on display are impressive art exhibits of objects that we find in our daily life, but their beauty begs the questions of what they truly mean and what is their impact on our culture?

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Mingei International Museum highlights

The museum has a shop and a collector’s gallery where you can purchase art items that speak to you. You can also purchase art books to learn more about Mingei International Museum and art history in general.

In the galleries, you can also find unique collections of art books, home decoration items, children’s accessories, jewellery, and clothing. Look for both ancient and modern collections. From the Mexican Folk Art Pop Up exhibit to the Metamorphasis exhibit, there is something to satisfy every curiosity.

Good to know when visiting Mingei International Museum

You will have opportunities at Mingei International Museum to meet your favourite artist and be able to learn more about their lives and artistic processes. Education plays an integral role in museum's happenings.

A newsletter subscription is available to stay tuned with new workshops, events, and more. The museum offers tours for adult organisations or schoolchildren. These tours are geared to the age of the audience. Sunday is a good day for families to visit to participate in making their own art pieces.

Mingei International Museum

Location: 1439 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101, USA

Phone: +1 619- 239-0003